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“How Do I . . .?” There is more than one way to solve that problem; Why continuing to learn is so important

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Art Carpenter California Occidental Consultants


In the SAS® forums questions are often posted that start with “How do I . . . ?”. Generally there are multiple solutions to the posted problem, and often these solutions vary from simple to complex. In many of the responses the simple solution is often inefficient and also reflects a somewhat naive understanding of the SAS language. This would not be so very bad except sometimes the responder thinks that their response is the best solution, or perhaps worse, the only solution. Worse yet, when there is a range of solutions, the ‘right answer’ that the original poster selects often reflects the simplest solution that the original poster understands. In both cases these folks have stopped learning and have stopped expanding their understanding of the language.

The examples in this presentation will illustrate the progression of solutions from the simple (simplistic) to the sophisticated for a number of ‘How do I . . . ?’ questions, and through the discussion of the individual techniques, we will learn how and why it is so very important to continue to learn.

Online Materials

Read SAS Global Forum Paper 029-2013
This talk (slides and voice) has been recorded and can be viewed on BrainShark.

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