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Add Style to ODS Output by Stretching Your Inheritance in Version 9.2 SAS®

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Inheritance in ODS style templates has been simplified in Version 9.2 SAS. Now you don’t need a FROM clause in a CLASS statement when you work with defined lineages in the Styles.Default template. However, lineages as well as attributes can be changed when new style templates are created in ODS. This means that you need an ODS lineage tracer that links inheritance from Base.Template.Style to associated attribute settings in the Styles.Default template. Only by viewing attribute settings at their assigned locations in a lineage, is it possible to know for certain when STYLE … FROM can safely be discarded in favor of the CLASS statement.

This paper shows by example how to use the lineage tracer plus additional tools to develop new styles from the Styles.Default template. By studying the examples presented, you will be able stretch ODS inheritance to get the output you want.

Online Materials

View the pdf for Add Style to ODS Output by Stretching Your Inheritance in Version 9.2 SAS®.

Click on to download data, SAS code for color macros and examples from the paper, and most importantly the HTML tracers themselves.

To see a PDF rendition of the Presentation go to my User Page Perry Watts:

  1. Click on the website under Personal Information
  2. Go to ODS Style Inheritance
  3. Click on the icon labeled with the paper title
  4. Scroll down to Attachments
  5. Select 251-2011Presentation.pdf

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Here is the link to my User Page Perry Watts.