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Annotate facility

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The Annotate facility is a feature of SAS/GRAPH that allows text, lines, bars, pie slices, or graphics to be added to SAS/GRAPH procedure output. However, the facility is not limited to only SAS/GRAPH, as other SAS products that generate graphical output can also use this facility.

The Annotate facility uses a SAS annotate data set to store the graphics instructions. Each observation in the SAS annotate data set corresponds to an instruction and the variables provide all information required to process each instruction. The facility can add text, lines, bars, pie slices, or mapping information to SAS/GRAPH procedure output. Custom graphics can also be produced using the Annotate facility with the GSLIDE or GANNO procedures.

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  • SAS/GRAPH Reference: Using Annotate Data Sets - Versions: 9.1.3, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4