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App-V is a MS product: Application Virtualization. It is used to package SAS so that IT admin can provide HotFixes to the SAS installation and these will be automatically pushed to your local desktop installation.

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Batch Processing

Setting up a project to use App-V launch of SAS for batch processing is non-trivial, as it requires explicit declaration of -all- startup options.

These are the files needed:

  1. sasappv.bat
  2. sasappv.cfg
  3. MyProgram.bat


This is the call to AppV to launch SAS.

C:\WINDOWS\system32\CCM\VAppLauncher.exe /launch "SAS 9.2 (English) 9.21300.19370.57" %*


  • the string suffix (9.2.13...) may be different at your site.
  • percent-asterisk is the DOS command that means: pass all parameters to the program, in this case the SAS command line.


Place common startup options is a configuration file.

/* name: sasappv.cfg for v9 */
-set project !folder        /*set in calling MyProgram.bat */
/* or hardcode:  *****************
-set project 'Z:\App-V\sas' /* *** */

-autoexec        '!project\'
-log              !project
-print            !project
-sasinitialfolder !project

-fullstimer /* full system timer:

-nocenter   /* listing is justify=flush left
-noovp      /* reduce log size: no overprint error nor warning msgs */
-nosplash   /* save time: no SAS icon during startup */


rem RnD-print.bat
rem 1. allocate an environment variable with the folder name
set folder=Z:\App-V\sas
rem 2. call sas with explicit program name and config file
sasappv -sysin "%folder%\" -config "%folder%\sasappv.cfg"


  • rem is DOS remark: a comment
  • set is DOS verb to allocate an environment variable
  • sasappv refers to the above file sasappv.bat
  • -sysin all SAS command-line options must be named
  •  %folder% is DOS reference to the environment variable folder
  • -config refers to the above file: sasappv.cfg


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