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Associate Director Global Analytics (Bayer Pharmaceuticals) - Berlin, Germany

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Note: This employment opportunity has expired and is no longer available. It has been retained for historical interest only.
For current listings see Employment opportunities.

COMPANY:Bayer Pharmaceuticals

POSITION:Associate Director Global Data Analytics


LOCATION:Berlin, Germany

DESCRIPTION:The role of the Associate Director Global Data Analytics is to function as a member of the Global Data Analytics team. Global Data Analytics supports the analytic needs of Bayer Pharmaceuticals by conducting real life evidence research (internally or in partnership with external stakeholders) on disease, healthcare utilization, treatment efficacy of drugs/devices, and safety utilizing healthcare data.

The Data Analyst will collaborate with research teams to develop rigorous Statistical Analysis Plans (SAP). Execution of the SAP will be conducted on real life healthcare databases (administrative healthcare claims, electronic medical records, registries, specialty pharmacy, safety datasets, etc.) that the Global Data Analytics team has licensed internally as well as publicly available data. SAP support includes but is not limited to data analysis planning, data analysis design and execution, data integrity, and data accuracy. The Data Analyst will conduct observational research with the highest level of scientific rigor by applying strong statistical and research methodologies.



  • A minimum of an undergraduate degree in Economics, Public Health,

Informatics, Computer Science or related field is required. A graduate degree (Masters or PhD) in Economics, Biostatistics, Public Health, Epidemiology, Informatics, Computer Science or related field is preferred.

  • Healthcare research and SAS programming experience of 5+ years,

including experience in statistical analysis and management of large healthcare databases; and experience in the pharmaceutical (or related) industry is required.

  • Understanding of the drug development process and life cycle


  • Demonstrable ability to design and execute research projects

(e.g. HEOR, Epidemiology) using large data is required

  • Analytical skills and ability to apply statistical and

epidemiological methodology in research projects

  • Knowledge of medical terminologies (e.g. ICD, NDC, CPT, HCPC,

LOINC) is essential.

  • Strong oral and written skills, including presentations and

publications in English.

  • Ability to work independently and cooperatively within a team of

scientists is essential


  • Collaborate with research teams to ensure the SAP is designed

with scientific rigor and that the proper statistical methods are utilized to answer the business question.

  • Design analytical programs to execute the SAP utilizing internal

healthcare databases including administrative healthcare claims, electronic medical records, registries, specialty pharmacy, safety datasets, as well as publicly available data.

  • Conduct quality control measures to ensure integrity of data and

program design

  • Collaborate with research teams, external vendors and key thought

leaders from study design through completion as well as any publication support if required.

  • Conduct periodic reviews of currently licensed databases as well

as new external databases for relevance to the Bayer product portfolio in providing the best possible data to conduct research.

  • Ensure Global Data Analytics strategies are aligned with Bayer Pharmaceutical's


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:I will be at the SAS Global Forum in Orlando

CONTACT INFORMATION: Name:Charlie Kreilick

Phone:(862) 404-5772



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