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Austin-Area SAS Users Group

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The Austin-Area SAS Users Group (AASUG) is a local user group that conducts meetings in the vicinity of Austin, Texas, for the purpose of sharing information about SAS software, and opportunities for the professional development of its members. Meeting announcements are communicated via e-mail, and also are posted on this website. For additional information about the user group, you may contact Keith Cranford by sending an e-mail to Keith Cranford or to Tom Winn at


The next meeting of the Austin-Area SAS Users Group will be held at the SAS Institute Training Center in Austin, on Tuesday, September 8, from 2 o'clock to 4 o'clock in the afternoon.

Presentation topics include the following:

  • How to Use the Annotation Macro to Enhance SAS Graph, presented by Kenny Case, of i3statprobe,
  • SQL vs. Data Step, presented by Don Boudreaux, of SAS Institute,
  • Some New 9.2 Features of SAS/BI, presented by Dale Rierson, of SAS Institute.

Be sure to register prior to the meeting at

This gives SAS (and AASUG) an idea of attendance, to properly prepare.

Please pass information concerning this meeting to all persons that you think might be interested in attending. Thanks!


If you are not already a member of the "Austin_Area_SAS_Users_Group" Yahoo!-Group, then please visit and click on the "Join This Group"-button. This is another great way for us to announce meetings, and to get or give help with tricky coding problems.