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Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission

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Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission Media: Brochure_SAS_Statistical_Programming.pdf

Looking to get into the pharmaceutical or medical device industry?

Looking for more effective methods to validate and create tables, lists and graphs?

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These courses are intended for anyone directly or indirectly responsible for the creation, content or validation of summary tables, data lists and graphs used to support research, drug or medical device efficacy and safety in a regulatory submission. Professionals in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries who want to be 21 CFR Part 11 compliant with effective and practical solutions to address real-world issues will benefit from these unique courses.

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New: Practice Makes Perfect: Training and Performing in the Pharmaceutical Industry, SAS Global Forum, March 2009 [1]

- Enroll Now for new 2011 Pharmaceutical Industry Classes
- Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submissions, Sepetmber 26-27, San Francisco [2]

Now available on demand, anytime:

- "Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques for FDA Submissions" [3]

- "Best Practices in Being 'On-Call' for FDA Submission Audits" [4]

- "Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission: Understanding and Applying the QC Plan to Validate Summary Tables" [5]

- "Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission: Creating Publication-Quality Summary Tables" [6]

- "Effective Clinical Data Acceptance Testing" [7]

These courses are offered through The Center for Professional Advancement, an organization which is CEU accredited.

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Practice Makes Perfect: Making the Most of Training for Statistical Programmers, European Pharmaceutical Contractor Magazine, March 2008, Media: Practice_Makes_Perfect.pdf

Class Student Quotes

Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Submission:

- "Sunil’s presentation was extremely well put together and presented. His materials supported his presentation in a clear and pointed manner. The take home points regarding the management of SAS programming were excellent and were immediately implemented. Sunil’s information regarding the use of SAS in electronic submissions was advanced in many aspects but not confusing or requiring a great deal of SAS knowledge. Overall, everyone on our team attending the session received important, useable information and processes they can immediately apply to their work. Sunil’s session was an excellent investment in both our staff and for our Sponsors."

Barry Turnbull, Ph.D., Head of STATConnect, BioBridges

- "Your course exactly connect with the practical jobs in SAS programming of Pharmaceutical industry. I am very enjoy to learn it, and it give me back my confidence for seeking my new career development in future. It's great help! Thanks to Mr. Gupta share his valuable experience. It's exactly what I want to learn. I hope I could learn some more from you."


Your student

Yuhong huang

- "Your course was excellent!"

Luc Fortin, Scientific Director, Biometry, Charles River, Quebec, Canada

SAS Global Forum, Seattle 2010

- "I've learned a lot of useful information from you and thank you for your precious experience."

Vivian Chen, Associate SAS programmer, Medtronic

- "The course was very interesting and it will be of great help to understand and analyze my data and to become more productive. Your course is exactly what I was looking for, as well as, material, books etc. Thank you very much for the experience. I hope to meet you in another course."

Silvia Trevisan, Data Management & Statistics, IBSA - R&D Dept.

October 19-20, 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- "Very competent teacher, documents were very complete."

Chantel Kersten, Kinesis Pharma, The Netherlands

October 19-20, 2009 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

- "It was a pleasure taking the class you taught. The class will help me implement new standards immediately and will aid in creating a programming environment where planning and validation are integral in developing submission tables and listings sufficient for regulatory review and audits."

Craig Wesselman, Biostatistics Supervisor, Tolmar, Fort Collins, CO

March 26-27, 2009 New Brunswick, New Jersey

- "I really enjoyed your classes and found them very helpful. I also watched your archived presentations "Best Practices in SAS Statistical Programming for Regulatory Sumission".

Colleen Kelly, Ph.D., President, Kelly Statistical Consulting, San Diego, Online June 2011 classes - Compare and Conquer SAS Programming Techniques for FDA Submissions and Best Practices in Being 'On-Call' for FDA Submission Audits

- "The right information I need to know; practical usages"

- "This kind of overview of the statistical programming work for FDA submission is an excellent idea. It will be helpful to many to see the entire process."

- "Liked the overview of the whole programming process"

- "Good instructor; like course content, clarity of information"

- "Your class was excellent! I found the class very helpful and upto date.",

Don Hurst, Senior Statistical Programmer, ZymoGenetics, WUSS 2007

- "This was my first WUSS and I took 3-4 training classes, I liked yours as the best! Thank you for following up quickly with the reference material.",

Devendra Patel, Project Lead, Clinical Programming Baxter, WUSS 2007

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- Clinical Data Acceptance Testing Procedure


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