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Big Data

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Big Data is an industry buzzword used to describe vast, and growing, quantities of complex data that are difficult to store and process in a timely way using a single computer or processor. Instead, an array or grid of many computers or multiple processors and databases may be needed to analyze the data involved. In the past such massive data problems were encountered in scientific fields such as meteorology and astronomy. Now, with the advent of a connected digital world, including the internet, on-line electronic transactions, mobile devices, cloud computing, and social media, many businesses are having to cope with big data volumes in order to understand their customers better.


  • File:SUUG 2013MAR19.pdf - PDF of ppt for the 19MAR13 SUUG Meeting Power Up: How Utilities Can Bypass “Big Data” Hype and Tap True Value in Analytics - Presenter: Rob Stevens, First Analytics

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