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BrightHeight Solutions

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Company Profile

BrightHeight Solutions is a Business Analytics and Business Intelligence consulting company specializing in data architectural design, development and supporting data management, reporting and analysis applications.

At BrightHeight, we help our clients build SAS and GIS competencies and gain maximum returns on their SAS and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) technology investments.

Some of the key business needs we have solved for our clients include:

  • Business Intelligence Platform Development
  • BI Reporting and Real-time Executive Dashboards
  • Automation of paper-based processes through Custom Web Forms
  • Fraud Analysis and Collusion Detection in Bidding Processes
  • Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance
  • Marketing Campaign Management, Optimization and Analysis
  • Lean Management Measurement
  • GIS development and Location Analysis
  • Data Governance definition around disparate data sources
  • Realization of Real-Time, Mobile, Agile and Self-Service BI

Are you looking to implement SAS or GIS Analytics in your organization? Need help with maintaining your current SAS environment? Learn how BrightHeight Solutions can help you succeed.

SAS Services

BrightHeight provides a full suite of SAS Business Intelligence services ranging from BI solution assessment, architecture and implementation to training, administration and technical support.

Data Integration

Easily access and manage data from disparate data sources in a form that is analysis-ready. We help you minimize coding and bring insight to the forefront with a simple click of the mouse.

SAS Business Intelligence

Enhance your analysis and reporting capabilities with BrightHeight’s end-to-end SAS BI services, covering architecture, implementation, migration, enhancements, SAS solutions integration, performance optimization, support and more.

SAS Solutions

Leverage our SAS Solutions expertise to get the most out of your SAS investment. We specialize in SAS Strategy Management (SAS StM), SAS Financial Management (SAS FM), SAS Fraud Framework, SAS Marketing Automation, SAS Marketing Optimization, SAS Credit Scoring for Banking, SAS Visual Analytics.

SAS Grid Computing

Experience a scalable, reliable environment and achieve faster response times with centrally managed grid computing. Our experts help you create a flexible, highly available SAS Grid infrastructure to meet your peak demands, handle increasing user workloads, and process large volumes of data even faster.

Platform Administration and Support

Feel secure that your business intelligence investment is being looked after. BrightHeight provides expert system administration, troubleshooting, migration and ETL support to help you maintain a world-class BI system.

SAS and GIS Integration

BrightHeight helps you combine data from multiple sources into a single, engaging view, including bridging SAS BI and GIS to deliver a spatial representation of your data.


BrightHeight Solutions has contributed papers to SAS Global Forums to share experiences with the international SAS community. Here are some of these papers:

Business Intelligence Competency Center – Maine Medical Center (SAS Global Forum 2010, Best Contributed Paper Award in the Business Intelligence section)

Business BI Competency Center 2.0 – Putting the model into practice (SAS Global Forum 2011)

Automation of Paper-Based Surveys Using the SAS® BI Platform – Custom Web Forms for Real-Time Analysis (SAS Global Forum 2012)

Contact Information

Contact us to learn how we can help your organization leverage SAS to maximize your business performance.

BrightHeight Solutions