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Building Analytic Datamarts - Course Offering

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This SAS Course is based on the book Data Preparation for Analytics by Gerhard Svolba.


This course teaches the ecosystem for analytic data preparation, as well as the most commonly used data structures and their adequacy for certain analytic business questions. You receive a guideline for how to approach the creation of important derived variables and learn tips and tricks for efficient SAS programming for the creation of analytic data marts.

Who Should Attend

Those who prepare data marts for statistics, data mining, and time series analysis; those who provide data for the creation of data marts; those who perform analyses on the basis of data marts; and those who prepare analytic data marts in relational databases with SQL

Learn How to

  • understand the business environment, in which data preparation is included, in more detail
  • identify the relevant data sources based on the business questions
  • extract and structure your data marts
  • create derived variables from different tables and table relationships
  • consider characteristics of predictive modeling
  • put your data preparation steps into production
  • program SAS in an efficient way.

Before attending this course you should

  • know basic SAS programming
  • have experience with statistics and/or data mining.

Next Offerings

  • The SAS Analytic Series Conference A2014 takes places in Frankfurt from June 4-5.
  • Prior to the conference on June 2-3 SAS offers pre-conference trainings, where my training "Building Analytic Data Marts" is included as well.
  • Find more details here.
  • Course in German see SAS Germany or SAS Austria
  • Registrations for the trainings can be made via the links above. Comments and suggestions can be sent to the author.

Anonymous Feedback of Course Participants

  • Topics are very practice oriented!
  • I wished I could have attended that course 2 years ago; I would have saved a lot of time!
  • Excellent combination of business background and valuable coding tips!
  • This is absolutely relevant for each data miner!
  • The trainer has a very strong background in SAS and analytical modeling.
  • A lot of valuable content for 3 days.
  • If I listen to you, I hear different people speaking to me; sometimes I hear the engineer speaking to me, then the person who has a PhD in statistics, then a business experts who has experience in many projects, and also the IT-expert talks to me.
  • I already knew most of the SAS coding ideas and functionalities. However I benefitted a lot as they were presented and put in a business context in this training.
  • It is clearly visible that the teacher does not only teach the functionality, but that he has a lot of project experience and has done this in practice.