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Building Business Intelligence Using SAS®: Content Development Examples

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Title: Building Business Intelligence Using SAS, Content Development Examples

Author(s): Tricia Aanderud and Angela Hall

ISBN: 1607649888


Business Intelligence (BI) software provides an interface for multiple audiences to dissect, discover, and decide on what the data means. These reporting tools make dynamic information available to all users, giving them the ability to manipulate results and further understand the business. There is significant power and value in reducing the data gatekeeper role in your organization so that each person can quickly interact with data and uncover significant value. SAS offers a BI solution that offers mechanisms to reach every level of the organization. Each toolkit within this product provides a different amount of complexity and functionality to aid a broad deployment. Angela Hall and Tricia Aanderud's Building Business Intelligence Using SAS®: Content Development Examples clarifies how each SAS BI solution component can be fully utilized to ensure a successful implementation. Focusing on the SAS BI client, the authors provide a quick-start guide loaded with examples and tips that will help users move quickly from using only one BI client tool to using a significant portion of the system. So if you are a SAS BI or EBI user and aren't yet using all the components of the solution, this book is the resource that you need. In addition, the tips and techniques provided in this book will prove invaluable for advanced BI and EBI users who are studying for the BI Content Developer Certification.

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