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Building Web Applications with SAS/IntrNet: A Guide to the Application Dispatcher

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60282.gif page for the SAS Press book Building Web Applications with SAS/IntrNet®: A Guide to the Application Dispatcher. It is also available at with FREE Super Saver Shipping.

This book has a companion Sample Environment on the web that allows you to run the examples in the book. You can also download and install the Sample Environment on your local PC. The download includes all the example and tools described in the book.

Read the first set of reviews about this book. Some of them have been added to the discussion tab by the reviewers.

A sample extract from the book on SAS Server Pages is also available on

You can also download a zip file that contains the handouts used when presenting selected samples at various SAS User Groups.

See some selected samples:

Read the author interview in the March 2007 SAS Publishing e-newsletter.

See the video interview at M2009 on the SAS YouTube Channel.

The multipleNames macro (available as part of the downloadable Sample Environment) is featured in the May 2007 SAS Publishing e-newsletter.

Contact Don Henderson, the author, by e-mail courtesy of the sasCommunity site.


  • Two issues related to the multipleNames macro in the book:
    • The singleList=Q option will cause the original name to be replaced with a single list of the values - but quoted for use in a WHERE clause - was not documented in the book.
    • When singleList=Q is used with a parameter where no choices had been specified returned an error. That has now been fixed in the the macro source.
      • If you have downloaded the macro previously, the SAS Server Components zip file has been updated to include the updated source.

Thanks to Jose "Rey" Santos for reporting this problem and testing the updated macro.

Installing SAS/IntrNet on Windows Server 2008 or IIS7