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Building and Using Macro Libraries

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While many users take advantage of the SAS® Macro Language, few take full advantage of its capabilities to build and maintain libraries of macros. Management of large numbers of macros can be problematic. Names and locations must be remembered, changes must be managed, duplication and variations of individual macros must be monitored, and efficiency issues must be taken into consideration. These problems come even more to the forefront when macros are shared among programmers - especially in a networked environment.

Macro libraries allow you to control and manage the proliferation of your macros. Libraries can consist of a formal use of the %INCLUDE statement, a group of programs defining macros that can be automatically called, or even collections of macros that were previously compiled and then stored.

Macro libraries are extremely useful, and not really all that complicated. If you are not currently using them as part of your macro programming efforts, read on!

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