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CDISC Express

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CDISC Express is a free SAS® application that automatically converts clinical data into CDISC SDTM using an Excel framework. All mapping definitions and rules are written in Excel and dynamically converted into SAS programs to perform the SDTM transformation. CDISC Express was designed in-house to facilitate and accelerate FDA submission and FDA review. Our free program is an innovative tool that will speed up your time to market.

FEATURES: Define.XML/ Excel based mapping definitions/ Global SDTM definitions/ Extensible function library/ Lab standard units and toxicity levels/ Generic SDTM validation tool

BENEFITS: Download the application free of charge/ 4x Speed-up of CDISC conversion/ Seamless maintenance of CDISC mapping/ Portability of Excel/ User friendly web interface/ Reusable macros/ Versioning


CDISC Express Mapping Contest: Participate and get a chance to win an iPad2! Your challenge is to create a mapping file to map the source data set provided on this page to the SDTM DM domain using CDISC Express. More info: