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CDISC Reports

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Optimize Report Generation from CDISC Standards

  • Menu of Summary Tables from a Library of Reports Covering CDISC Data Domains
  • Generating Analysis Files in ADaM format from Source or SDTM Data
  • Base Code Generation for Portability of Reporting Programs
  • Validated Reporting Programs for Accurate Reporting Results

Standard Reports from Standard Data

Once you are able to transform your data into a data standard such as the SDTM data model of CDISC, CDISC Reports™ will provide you with a series of standard reports. These include a range of domains such as Adverse Events, Demographic and Labs. It will generate intermediate analysis files in ADaM format. It will then produce reports in Word for in-text tables, ASCII or PDF output reports.

Validated Code Generation

CDISC Reports™ will generate validated SAS programs. You can use the macro library to select the source data and report type. Once the report parameters have been selected, the reports can be generated directly. In addition, SAS code can be generated which can be executed in batch as stand alone Base SAS code without requiring the macros of CDISC Reports.

Program Mockup and Data Library

Centralized library of data standards including template SAS program macros, output mockups and standard SAS datasets. The centralized library manages them by projects, studies and output type. These are searchable for optimal management.

Desktop Screenshots

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CDISC Reports is software solution for: Optimize Report Generation from CDISC Standards, Generate Reports from CDISC Data, SDTM Reports, ADaM Reports, Standard SAS Reports, SAS Program Library, SAS Macro Library.