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CMS SAS User Group

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About Us

An active and robust user community is essential to get the most value from any software product. Identifying the SAS user community here at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is at the core of a holistic approach to supporting ongoing development. Identifying major areas of need, and devising strategies to promote user participation in training and bring users together to share experiences and best practices is crucial to our success.

SAS users at CMS come from diverse backgrounds and perform a broad spectrum of tasks, while operating on multiple platforms. Various Business, Financial, and Operations Analysts, Information Systems Specialists, and yes, even Statisticians in every division of the organization use a multitude of products, including SAS, to help define the shape of health care in this country.


Our ultimate goal is to assure the security of health care for our beneficiaries. Thinking with that end in mind we must identify and capitalize on ways of leveraging our SAS assets to their full potential. The SAS Enterprise license offered by the Department of Health and Human Services allows CMS a great opportunity to utilize the power of the SAS System.

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