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California Occidental Consultants

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Art Carpenter
10606 Ketch Circle
Anchorage, AK 99515

Phone: (907) 865-9167

E-mail Art Carpenter through sasCommunity or by using the address:
art at caloxy dot com

Abstract of Services Provided

Programmers at California Occidental Consultants, CALOXY, have been using SAS since 1977. CALOXY provides consulting services in statistics, data processing, contract programming, and training. Areas of expertise include the definition and implementation of statistical analyses of field, laboratory, and clinical research data; generation of computer programs used for scientific, statistical and database management applications; and writing of technical reports summarizing results of the statistical analyses performed.

Managerial duties have included coordination of data processing groups and the interactions among scientists, data processing and statistical personnel.

Nationwide training in SAS is provided for all levels of expertise on both the mainframe and the PC. Popular courses written and presented by Art Carpenter include: Basics, SAS/GRAPH, Macros, AF, FSP, and SCL.

Services have been performed on both mainframe and PC systems. Educational and practical background includes survey and experimental design, data reduction, database design and management, bioassay analysis, and univariate as well as multivariate statistical techniques.

Past Major Consulting Projects

    * Clinical trial studies supporting FDA submittals.
    * Industrial quality control and product assessment studies.
    * Design and implementation of data capture and analysis systems using SAS.
    * Environmental assessments of marine and terrestrial data.
    * EPA inter-laboratory comparison and variability studies of chemical analyses.
    * Acute and chronic bioassays on growth and reproduction

SAS Institute Software Expertise

    BASE/SAS (including the macro language)
    SAS/AF (including SCL)

Applications/Specialty Expertise

    Applications Development 
    Clinical Trials
    Database Interfacing
    Engineering/Scientific Analysis
    Macro and Data Driven Applications 

Services Available

    Will install Institute software
    Will develop SAS applications
    Contract programming
    Statistical consulting
    Provides customized in-house training on most SAS products