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Can SAS® Do Canvas? Creating Graphs Using HTML 5 Canvas Elements

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With the introduction of the canvas element in the HTML 5 specifications, an interesting alternative for creating nice-looking graphs that are compatible with most Web browsers has become available. The purpose of this paper is to provide an introduction to the canvas element and how to let SAS® draw on it. The examples that are given have been tested in SAS® on Microsoft Windows and UNIX with different Web browsers on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X as client.


This page was created to share the PowerPoint presentation and example code related to this paper.

Online Materials

The pdf of the full paper: 282-2011.

The PowerPoint presentation used at SGF 2011: 282-2011.ppt.

Example code:

Note: it's advisable to download the latest version of Explorer Canvas via GitHub. The output is currently set up to always include excanvas.js in Internet Explorer. This might not be necessary in Internet Explorer 9+.

Contact Info

Edwin J. van Stein

LinkedIn: ejvanstein

User page: ejvanstein