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Canberra SAS User Group

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Canberra's SAS users group is SUGAR (SAS Users Group ACT Region). The group was previously known as SAUSAG (SAS USers ACT Group) until early 2016.


The purpose of the SUGAR meetings is to bring together a wide variety of SAS users for an exchange of views and news on the various uses of SAS software. We encourage as many as possible to take the opportunity to demonstrate how they are using SAS, whether it be leading edge, or something that has spanned the passage of time. It's also one of the few opportunities to compare your work to those in other organisations.


  • SUGAR is run by a committee of SAS Users across various industries
  • Registration is complimentary

Web Site

Next Meeting

Please visit the webpage for more details.

Past Presentations

Past presentations available for downloading can be found here:

SAUSAG Presentations as well more recent ones on the group page on the SAS site at: