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Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS® REPORT Procedure by Art Carpenter

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This is the first book devoted to the subject of PROC REPORT. It was written to assist not only the users unfamiliar with PROC REPORT, but also those with extensive experience with the procedure. The goal is to provide both a learning tool and an extended reference to REPORT through the use of examples.

Part I covers the basics.

Part II provides more detail including more information on the compute block.

Part III describes the report process and expands on REPORT's interaction with ODS

Of special interest is Appendix 2, which is designed to help you find examples and discussions of the many options that can be used with PROC REPORT. As a bonus it includes not only REPORT step options, but it also lists System and ODS options that might be needed by the user of PROC REPORT.

The book is shipped with a CD that includes all of the example programs, data sets, results, as well as the PDFs of almost 100 of the cited papers. Even more importantly the CD includes a copy of Russ Lavery's "Animated Guide to the SAS REPORT Procedure". This PowerPoint talk describes the compute block and the REPORT step processes in detail.

AuthorLine Interview with Art Carpenter

Errata and Reviews of this book can be found on the Discussion tab.

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