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Carpenter’s Complete Guide to the SAS® Macro Language, Third Edition Reviews

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The following is a collection of reviews and comments about "Carpenter’s Complete Guide to the SAS® Macro Language, Third Edition" by Art Carpenter. Please feel free to add your own review or comment about this book.

Ron Cody, PhD

September, 2016

Art Carpenter is one of the best teachers and lecturers I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. So, it is not surprising that the same abilities that make him a great teacher and lecturer also make him a superb author. His latest book, Carpenter's Complete Guide to the SAS Macro Language, 3rd edition is proof of his teaching skills.

Art is an accomplished author and has a writing style that makes you feel that you are in a classroom with a master teacher. For example, in the beginning discussion of what macros are, he writes, "The macro language can serve as our intelligent typist, which generates all or portions of our code for us." What a wonderful way to describe what macros do!

What I find so appealing about this book is that it is completely accessible to a beginning SAS programmer but also useful to someone who has been programming and writing macros for years. He accomplishes this daunting task by dividing the book into logical sections. The first section, intended for beginners (but useful to all levels of programming ability) is meant to be read sequentially, developing a basic understanding of macro concepts. Later sections can also be read sequentially but are also useful as references to more experienced SAS programmers.

This book can be used both as an instructional text and a reference manual—a very difficult task for any author. How is this possible? First, the table of contents with very clear and logical sections, chapter headings and subheadings allows a reader to quickly identify where to find an answer to a specific macro programming question. Art also includes ways to search for keywords or program examples in two appendices.

My last comment concerns the word "Complete" in the book title. This book, based on my limited macro knowledge, is indeed complete. It's hard to imagine that there is a question concerning macros and macro processing that cannot be found in this very complete guide.

Mark Jordan

Principal Technical Training Consultant
August, 2016

I have a treasured and well-worn copy of an earlier edition in my small, but powerful, personal library of SAS books. SAS Macro rocks, and this book will help you "level up" your Macro skills!