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The CMS SAS Day was sponsored by the CMS SAS Users Group. This event provided pertinent details about how SAS Analytics and SAS Business Intelligence can help drive new insights for cost estimates, payment analysis, quality of care and statistical outcomes.

What we learned

A firsthand understanding of SAS solutions implemented today within CMS and its contractor community. Engaged in interactive discussions with other CMS SAS users about how they are turning data into useful, trusted and timely information. The one-day event featured:

  • Beginner tutorials on topics that include SAS® Enterprise Guide®, basic data manipulation, and the use of SQL with SAS.

  • Health care analytical case studies featuring predictive modeling and forecasting.

  • Discussions on business intelligence using SAS Web Report Studio, stored processes, IDR quick access reference guide, information maps and more.

  • Beyond the basics with in-database processing of SAS within the IDR.

  • Reporting and information delivery using JMP®, ODS, GMAP and HTML.

Opening Session

Conference Schedule

The presentation material should not be interpretted as an endorsement on behalf of CMS. The opinions expressed are that of the presenter and do not reflect the view of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, the Department of Health and Human Services, or the United States government.