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This is Art Carpenter's fifth book. Written for the experienced user it contains a collection of powerful tips and techniques and can be used to solve some of the more difficult programming challenges.

As is the case with any book that deals with a very broad range of topics, no single topic can be covered with all possible detail. Rather than explain the basics this book has been written for the experienced user who can take and expand on the ideas that are presented. For example SAS Formats are discussed in this book in several places, however if you want detailed information on SAS formats, a full book has been written on that subject alone (Bilenas, 2005), consequently the content of that book will not be repeated in this book.

Except for a few of the especially advanced topics, for most topics this book makes no attempt to explain the basics. There are several very good “getting started” books on various aspects of SAS, this book is NOT one of them. If you want the basic how-to for a procedure or technique consult one of these other books. Of course, the reality is that some of the readers of this book will have more, or less, experience than others. There has been some attempt at offering brief explanations on most topics. Hopefully the depth of this book will be enough to get you started in the right direction for any given topic, even if it does not cover that topic thoroughly.

Art Celebrates the release of the book on the day before Easter 2013

By its very nature this book is not designed to be read linearly, front to back, instead it is anticipated that the reader will use it either as a reference for a specific technique, or as an exploration tool for learning random new 'tid-bits'. This book was the top selling title at the 2014 SAS Global Forum.

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