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Category to hold articles that should be removed. The process for reviewing requests to remove pages will be revised as needed. This process is intended to deal with the fact that users might create pages in error or as a by-product of testing. Such pages likely have little useful content and clutter up the site. Alternatively pages that contain or imply incorrect information can be removed.

The current process is:

  1. Any user can tag a page to be removed by including the following category tag [[Category:Remove]].
    • This line should be listed as the first line of text in the page as that speeds up the manual process that deletes the files.
  2. As a result of that edit, any users who created or edited the page should be notified via their watch list.
    • Do not mark such changes as minor edits as that, in all likelihood, will result in the creators/editors not being notified.
  3. After an appropriate time period (a minimum 30 days, but potentially longer) of being placed in in the Remove category, a SYSOP may agree to delete the page. The only exception to the minimum time period is pages that are clearly spam or offensive.
    • Pages with content may be exported and saved should they need to be recovered. For example, old position descriptions, etc.
  4. If, after being tagged with the Remove category, any user can comment on the appropriate discussion/talk tab in order to provide details as to why the page should not be removed.


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