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Define Value

proc options define value option = sysparm;

Usage: Assignment

Sysparm can be used in either of:

  1. command line
  2. configuration file
  3. sas program

command line:

sas MyProgram -sysparm SysParmValue

Note: value has no spaces, if value has spaces then use either single or double quotes

sas MyProgram -sysparm 'SysParm Value with spaces'
sas MyProgram -sysparm "SysParm Value with spaces"

in program:

options sysparm = 'SysParm Value with spaces';

Usage: Read

%Put SysParm: &SysParm.;

Here is how call a macro with parameters defined in SysParm

options sysparm="dothis(data=sashelp.class,where=Sex eq 'M')";
%Put sysparm:&SysParm.;

%MACRO DOTHIS(data=,where=);
%Put note: data=&Data.;
%Put note: where=&where.;



--macro maven == the radical programmer 10:20, 14 June 2007 (EDT)

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