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Category Tree

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A new Category Tree feature has been added to to enable dynamic views of sasCommunity/org's category structure. This change is in response to feedback received here as well as at SAS Global Forum 2009 where users indicated the need for a facility to easily browse the categories.

  • One automatic change resulting from adding this feature is that category pages now have an expanding/collapsing list of subcategories.
    • Click the [+] to expand,
    • Click the [-] to collapse.
  • The Advisory Board Team is working to use this new feature to enable better category browsing on the site, including Sasopedia.
    Watch for changes coming soon!
    • Feel feel to test this capability out on pages you create. See the documentation on the MediaWiki site.
    • Or Watch this page to be be notified as it changes as we will be adding links here to pages that use this new facility.