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Category talk:Kirk Paul Lafler

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Why is this category, for a person, no longer appropriate? Categories are supposed to makes it easier to find articles by subject matter. Surely the author of a body of work is one way of categorising subject matter, particularly if there are wiki articles about that body of work. While I can appreciate that multiple subcategories might be inappropriate if they are empty or contain only one or two articles, why is the top level category also inappropriate?Since this category has been around since July 2007, have the rules changed recently? If so where is the policy documented that explains this change to wiki users? Considering there are other personal categories, such as those under Category:Ron Fehd macro maven, why is there a different treatment for Category:Kirk Paul Lafler?

Please note: I am not saying this decision is wrong. I am seeking to elicit the principle or policy that results in this decision being made, so that the logic can be documented for the benefit of all users and so that any user can make a similar decision in the future. If I were to put it in legal terms, this is wiki case law being formed. A decision has been made in a case and I now seek to understand the thinking that has lead to the decision being made. Because for equal treatment, the same decision logic also needs to be applied to other personal categories. - Cameron (talk) 04:27, 4 May 2014 (CDT)