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Category talk:Language Elements

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Should the hierarchy of the Language Elements category reflect Components of the SAS Language in the document SAS® 9.3 Language Reference: Concepts, Second Edition? If so then there probably needs to be another layer above the Language Elements about SAS Language Concepts that covers concepts like the DATA Step and PROC Step. - Cameron 07:52, 18 May 2013 (EDT)

Lead articles for a category

I notice that a lot of categories have numerous article about language elements but none of them seem to have a lead or main article that explains what the category is about. For the DATA Statement category I created the article DATA statement. I then gave it first billing in the category by puting a space as a substitute name for the category, like so [[Category:DATA Statement| ]]. Is this a good idea for top billing? Is it also a good idea to even have a lead article with the name of the category? Also, should SAS key words be spelt out in capitals, while other words are left in lower case for articles, but have an initial capital letter in categories?

The reason I am suggesting to make titles with capitals for the key word and lower case for other words is that if one wants to link the title from another article then one is more likely to write DATA statement than DATA Statement. On a wiki that would mean one could use a simple wiki link by enclosing the words in square brackets e.g. use [[DATA statement]] rather than [[DATA Statement|DATA statement]]. I know the SAS support website uses DATA Statement in their page titles but when one reads the article text then something like DATA statement is used more often. - Cameron 08:10, 18 May 2013 (EDT)