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Is there a way to tell when a tip was the tip of the day? --JackHamilton 16:49, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

If you look at the History for a tip you should see a comment on what day it was scheduled for. The value shown in the History tab is the summary line from the edit page. We have tried to fill in the value when a tip is sheduled. The vast majority of scheduled tips have that value - but there are a few cases where the value was not quite right. --Don Henderson 17:18, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Thought that perhaps the new DPL facility could perhaps be used for this. Still need to do some testing, but is this what you were asking about Jack?

%SASDIFF Differential File Comparison Macro
June 21 

ABS Function

October 24 

A free SAS getting-started guide

January 21 

Access Local SAS Directories in SAS/Connect with the INHERITLIB Option

September 23 

Accessing Internet APIs from DS2

September 9 

Accessing multiple location through one library.

September 6 

Accurately Calculate AUC in SAS

July 14 

Adding URL Links to a Web Report Studio Report

May 6 

Adding a User in SAS Management Console

April 16 August 11 

Adding a date and time stamp message to the SAS Log

January 12 

Adding superscripted footnote references to a report

August 25 

Aligning with a Put Function

June 3 

Almost automatic PROC REPORT code generator

July 9 

Alternating Logistic Regression

September 18 

Another Way to Use the SUBSTR Function

May 31 

Anyspace function: search for the carriage return

November 8 

Appending datasets efficiently

August 19 

April 3

Not currently scheduled.

Assign libraries to a path relative to current folder

April 22 

Automatically Separating Data into Excel Sheets

October 14 

Automatically assign Unix environment variables to SAS macro variables

July 25 

Automatically opening Excel workbooks created by the ExcelXP tagset

April 17 August 12 December 23 

BETWEEN does mean between

December 22 

Between and Within Group Counters

March 20 

Bit XOR function in SAS

October 27 

Box Cox Transformation

March 2 

CCC in Proc Cluster

January 6 

Calculate logarithm of any base

September 21 

Calculating Ages

December 7 

Calculating Distance on the map

March 1 

Calculating Exact Age with the YRDIF Function

February 7 

Caution with the TRANWRD Function!

July 5 March 18 November 14 

Change decimal places in PROC FREQ

August 2 December 11 September 27 

Changing FONT color

October 5 

Changing or Suppressing the Default SAS Splash Screen on Windows

August 17 

Changing the Delimiter when Using ODS CSV

February 13 

Changing the SAS Web Report Studio Banner

February 5 

Changing the default prompt on login from SAS/Connect

April 21 

Changing your titles in ODS Content Page

December 16 

Check if a WHERE clause is valid

March 16 

Check if a directory exists

April 14 

Check if a variable exists in a dataset

April 18 

Checking for a data set

November 11 

Clearing a library of data

April 27 

Cochran-Mantel-Haenszel Test using PROC FREQ

September 1 

Compile a Java program with PROC GROOVY

April 24 

Comprehensive list of statistics produced by SAS

February 22 

Compress("") Returns a Zero-Length Character String

October 26 

Controlling text height in titles and footnotes

January 14 

Conversion from Excel Date to SAS Date

February 29 

Convert MISSING to 0

July 12 March 22 November 25 

Corrected Sum of Squares in PROC NLIN

August 30 

Counting Words in a List

November 9 

Counting and miscounting occurrences using SQL

November 6 

Create An Ad-hoc Measure on an OLAP Cube, without the OLAP Administrator

August 1 December 12 

Create a CSV file without column names/headers in row 1

April 9 August 4 December 13 

Create a PROC IMPORT or PROC EXPORT Template Program for Ease of Use

August 21 January 1 

Create a function key to clear the log and output and return to the SAS program

June 1 

Create an Informat from a User-Defined Function

January 30 

Creating Candlestick Chart in SAS

January 19 

Creating ZIP files with ODS

August 6 

Creating a SAS Data Set with Another Operating Systems Data Representation

May 8 

Creating a flag avoiding the If ... Then Structure

July 16 

Creating an Ordered Subset using PROC RANK

July 10 

Creating relative links in ODS HTML

January 7 

Creating your own datetime format

December 15 

Cronbach's Alpha in SAS

May 28 

Ctrl + / is a quick and easy way to comment out SAS code

May 4 

DATA Step Comparison Operators Are Non-Associative

October 25 

Dataset COMPRESS option compresses the size of the SAS dataset

June 9 

Datasets DELETE is Case Sensitive in Excel - but SQL DROP isn't

February 14 

December 22

Not currently scheduled.

Declaring Macro variables on remote host

June 23 

Deduping using Proc Sort

August 24 

Deploying a Custom Add-In Task

July 24 

Derivation of Mathematical Constants in SAS

May 9 

Detailed Directory Listing from PROC CONTENTS

September 4 

Detected Characters For the ANY and NOT Functions

February 8 

Detecting outliers using boxplot

November 15 

Determine Product Release Levels

July 1 

Determine the Location of the Executing Program

May 22 

Determining Nature of SAS Files via their File Extensions

April 12 August 7 December 18 

Determining the Setting of Groups of SAS Options

December 8 July 29 

Determining the number of observations in a SAS data set efficiently
January 22 

Determining the setting of a particular SAS option

July 13 November 26 

Diagnosing authentication issues on Unix

February 23 

Different sorting options for variable names with Proc CONTENTS

January 3 

Displaying a time value as a duration

October 3 

Do not use SAS random numbers for encryption

February 10 

Don't mess up your Data - Option OUTSORT in PROC SURVEYSELECT

October 22 

Double negatives to normalize a boolean value

April 7 

Drawing Lines above/below the Output

August 23 February 19 

Durbin Watson Test in Regression

June 29 

Dynamic ALTLOG or LOG

June 24 

Dynamically Insert and Append SAS Format and Macro Libraries within a SAS Program

August 14 

Easy Way to Get All Variable Names From a Dataset

September 29 

Easy Way to Research SAS System Requirements Across Computer Platforms and Operating Systems

June 12 

Easy way to input date/times that contain an imbeded space

August 27 

Editor Abbreviations

May 30 

Editor Abbreviations in SAS Enterprise Guide

October 9 

Effect coding and class variables in PROC LOGISTIC

March 15 November 7 

Embedding Links in a Title

April 11 December 17 September 26 

Embedding the Flash Version of JMP's Bubble Plot into MS PowerPoint 2007

September 2 

Encrypting script in JMP

February 25 

Enhanced Editor Shortcuts

September 20 

Enterprise Guide - Turning Off the ODS output file creation by code

May 25 

Enterprise Guide Resources

October 21 

Estimate the Size of a Future SAS Data Set

September 15 

Estimating the Size of New SAS Data Sets

November 12 

Execution Time Macro Variable Resolution

December 29 

Exploiting the Metadata in SAS Dictionary Tables and Views

April 10 December 14 

Explore config

April 30 

February 11

Not currently scheduled.

Federal Fiscal Year Date Conversion

May 17 

Find the LAST Non-Missing Value in a List of Variables

April 29 

Finding Multiple Occurrences

October 11 

Finding the Position of the First Non-Digit in a String

May 21 

Forcing all Character Variables when Importing a CSV File

July 6 

Generating random number seed from the system clock

March 25 November 29 

Get Process ID (PID) of SAS Tasks Running on Unix and Linux

March 8 November 2 

Get the Metadata Path for the Currently Running Stored Process

July 18 March 24 November 28 

Getting % sign in PROC TABULATE

September 3 

Getting Model Statistics into SAS data set from PROC LOGISTIC

September 7 

Getting Started with SAS and Hadoop

March 7 

Getting all data and fields information in a directory

May 15 

Gini Coefficient in SAS

June 4 

Give a Presentation at a Local SAS Users Group

July 15 

Great Reference for SAS Functions, Informats, and Formats

December 27 

Handling Transcoding Error

January 25 

Handling trailing and leading blanks in SAS Macro Variable

March 30 

Handy %PUT syntax for mvarName=text output

June 17 

Have you tried the MISSING function yet?

April 13 August 8 December 19 

Heteroskedasticity in Proc Reg

August 29 

Highlighting report cells with no data

April 4 

How to Display values for every row of an Order or Group Report-Item in Proc Report without using an Alias

April 2 

How to add SAS Code on the WIKI

January 9 

How to ask a statistics question

July 4 March 17 November 13 

How to list global macro variables in alphabetical order

June 6 

How to see Recent Changes

November 10 

INFORMAT Modifiers on the INPUT Statement

May 27 

INTNX function with Federal Fiscal Year

June 25 

I want to hear the sound of SOUNDEX

September 12 

Image files that SAS can't load into pdf or rtf documents

February 3 

Images as text - use Base 64 encoding

April 3 

Implement Elastic Net Algorithm in SAS

January 23 

Implement Regularized Discriminant Analysis in SAS

February 6 

Importing a Style Sheet

October 28 

Include Debugging Code in Your Programs

June 10 

Increasing the Size of an Index Page

March 12 November 4 

Index to SAS-L Chance to Make SAS-L History Posts

May 3 

Inheriting Column Attributes (SQL)

August 13 December 24 

Inserting rows in a specified order (SQL)

August 22 January 2 September 25 


April 5 

JMP can enhance Excel usage

February 11 

January 12

Not currently scheduled.

July 3

Not currently scheduled.

July 6

Not currently scheduled.

July 7

Not currently scheduled.

July 8

Not currently scheduled.

July 9

Not currently scheduled.

Jump-start PROC REPORT

January 16 

June 22

Not currently scheduled.

June 24

Not currently scheduled.

K Nearest Neighbor in SAS

May 20 

LIBREF function return value

April 25 

Legend for Proc Univariate Using Annotate

July 17 

Limiting File Download Size Using SAS/Connect
July 27 

Local format using NLS and Locale

January 5 

Macro Language Formatted Look-up

September 10 

Make DATA your friend

August 10 December 21 

Making Macro Variables READONLY

June 22 

Making any repeatable task a file related menu item

December 5 

Map insets

March 23 November 27 

March 16

Not currently scheduled.

March 7

Not currently scheduled.

March 9

Not currently scheduled.

Marketing Research Macros

May 18 

McNemar Statistics

July 23 

Measure SAS Performance with the LOGPARSE SAS Macro

March 29 

Measure Who is Using SAS and What Products They are Using with RTRACE

September 19 

Missing Values in Classification Variables

June 14 

Modifying PDF Bookmark Text

February 16 

Modifying SAS Explorer's "View in Excel"

June 7 

Multiple Dataset Options

May 5 

Multiple Reports Per Page

March 27 November 20 

Music in SAS

April 26 

November 6

Not currently scheduled.

Now You Can Use the IN Operator in a Macro

July 7 

ODS Tip Sheets

August 18 

Obtain the Amount of Computer Memory Available to SAS

December 25 

Order of SAS Operator Evaluation

June 28 

PROC DATASETS Efficiencies

October 17 

PROC SQL Join Algorithms and the METHOD Option

October 4 

PROC TRANSPOSE, using the IDLABEL to label the variable created

October 10 

Page X of Y

October 7 

Plotting Residuals in Linear Regression

July 28 

Pointing to Multiple Report Items On One Define Statement

March 26 November 30 

Pound sign using picture format

November 21 

Predicting events and not non-events in PROC LOGISTIC

September 30 

Program run time

November 19 

Protecting your data with a password

November 18 

Quick Check for Missing or Invalid Data Using Formats

May 16 

Rank of a matrix

May 29 

Read Files From Web Sites Into Your SAS Program

February 28 

Read Zipped Files Directly

April 28 

Reading SAS Data Sets FTP-ed From Other Operating Systems

March 14 

Recent changes

June 16 

Reg Exp Substitution in Proc Format

December 30 

Remotely subset a large dataset

May 1 

Removing License Alias

March 9 

Removing a library reference using the libname function

October 15 

Renaming Variables with suffix

July 30 

Replace Missing Character Values with a Character String

April 19 

Represent numerics as strings with no loss of precision

February 9 

Resolving a macro variable within single quotes

June 26 

Retaining Quotes in a Input statement

July 22 

Retrieving the First Character

August 5 

SAS/Connect Can Upload More Than Just SAS Data Sets

June 13 

SAS Global Forum Idea Request

January 15 

SAS Qualification Tools Ensure SAS is Installed and Operating Correctly

September 17 

SAS TableEditor TagSet

October 30 

SAS can manage your temporary external files

June 18 

SASware Ballot Voting Now Open

November 17 

SPSS Importing Errors

June 27 

SUM Statement and the Implied SUM Function

December 28 


October 20 

Sample SAS Data Sets for Developing SAS Programs

August 28 January 11 

Saving Your Work with the SAS Display Manager Autosave Feature

February 1 

Saving some or all of your keyboard macros/abbreviations in one step

April 6 

Schedule SAS Programs with SYSTASK and WAITFOR

January 4 

Searching Options

January 31 

Searching User Group Papers

March 13 November 5 

SecretSQL: Keeping Your Passwords Safe

May 7 

Selecting a Random Sample of Observations

February 15 

September 11

Not currently scheduled.

September 8

Not currently scheduled.

September 9

Not currently scheduled.

Setting Browser Title with the stpbegin macro

February 21 January 17 

Setting Data using Data list

July 20 

Setting Default Values for Macro Parameters

October 12 

Setting Shortcuts for Code Snippet in EG

December 31 

Simple space saving

March 19 November 23 

Simulating Streaming Output in a Workspace Server

February 17 

Sleep Function Under Unix and Linux

January 18 

Sorting a sorted data

August 26 

Sorting an Array in Descending Order

October 16 

Sorting of variables by name inside a data set

May 10 

Spanning Headers in REPORT

April 15 

Specifying a list of variables

May 11 

Specifying directory paths that work on Window and Unix
August 15 

Splitting into one table can be faster

July 3 

Stacking REPORT Headers

December 4 March 31 

Start date: 1st Jan, 1960

October 6 

Starting SAS pointing to a directory of interest

April 20 

Static Dates in RTF Output

August 20 

Strip Blanks from PROC SQL-Created Macro Variable Values

October 18 

Summarize data in a rolling window

April 8 

Suppressing the Batch Dialog when running SAS in Batch Mode

August 16 

Text Indentation and Forced Linefeed (Carriage Return) with the ExcelXP Tagset

March 5 

The SAS Supervisor

May 12 

The SAS XML Mapper

November 16 

This Page Intentionally Left Blank

May 23 

Timekeeping at User Group presentations

December 3 

Tip Sheet for SAS/IML Language

June 19 

Tip Sheets on

March 11 November 3 

Top level directory in web-based STP list

June 20 

Tutorial Dialog in 2nd Base SAS Session

June 8 

Tweak PROC FASTCLUS for closest match lookup

January 28 

Two steps in one with Proc SQL – summarize and create macro variable

July 19 

Unexpected NOTE becomes ERROR

September 22 

Unriddle encoding in SAS Visual Analytics

January 24 

Updating an Excel Table the Excel Libname

October 13 

Use BYVAL to Write Better Titles

October 19 

Use CALL MISSING to Set a List of Variables to Missing

December 2 

Use CATX and IFC to Build a Concatenated List of Treatments

January 20 

Use IS MISSING and IS NULL with Numeric or Character Variables

May 26 

Use PROC SQL to Create SAS Data sets from Excel files

June 30 

Use SAS DM Commands to Save and then Clear Your SAS Log

June 2 

Use SYSRPUT to determine whether a SAS/Connect session failed

December 1 March 28 

Use The HASH Object to Sort Your Data

October 8 

Use The SAS Sample Program Libraries

January 13 

Use X Commands within a SAS Program to Issue Commands to Windows or MS-DOS

May 13 

Use Your SAS Programming Skills in SAS Enterprise Guide

January 29 

Use the BETWEEN-AND Operator to Search an Inclusive Range of Values

September 16 

Use the CONTAINS Operator as an Alternative to the INDEX Function

September 13 

Use the HOLIDAY Function to Compute the Date of a US or Canadian Holiday

June 15 

Use the OBS= Option to Save Time While Testing

October 1 

Use the RESOLVE Function to Build a List into a Macro Variable

July 21 

Use the SOURCE2 Option with %include to Get a Detailed Log

May 19 

Use the TRANSLATE function to validate data

April 23 

Useful Enhanced Editor macros

December 26 

User Specific Autoexecs in Enterprise Guide

October 23 

Using &SQLOBS to report on empty sets

December 9 February 27 

Using ?? in the INPUT Statement

May 14 

Using Date Prompts in Stored Procesess

July 2 

Using GETOPTION to Save and Restore Options

April 1 July 26 

Using IFC to Conditionally Execute Global Statements

March 3 

Using JMP with base SAS

January 8 


October 2 

Using Multilabel Formats to Expand or Duplicate Data

July 8 

Using NOTE, WARNING, ERROR in Your Program's Generated Messages

November 22 

Using PATHNAME to Retrieve a Physical Path

July 11 March 21 November 24 

Using PROC RANK to Generate Percentiles

February 18 

Using REPLACE and REPEMPTY Together

February 20 

Using SPANROWS To Repeat Values Across Pages

September 24 

Using The Asterisk to Comment Macro Code

February 12 

Using UPDATE to Collapse a Data Set

June 11 

Using formulas in Excel and actual values in HTML and PDF output

December 6 

Using the &SYSUSERID Macro Variable

January 26 

Using the FLYOVER style attribute to display long text strings

February 2 

Using the LOCK Statement for Exclusive Use of a SAS Data Set

October 29 

Using the NOQUOTELENMAX Option

August 31 

Using the PATHNAME Function

February 26 

Using the RENAME Function to Rename SAS Data Sets, Catalogs, OS Files, and Directories

August 3 

Using the SASMSG function for table lookup

May 2 

Using the SAS Stored Process Web Application: Changing the Default/Welcome Page

January 10 

Using the SAS Stored Process Web Application: Securing Your SAS Stored Processes by Limiting Debugging Options

September 5 

Using the SAS V9 CALL SYMPUTX Routine

December 10 July 31 

Using the SYSSCP and SYSSCPL Macro Variables

February 24 

Using the ZIP engine to read zip files

September 11 

Using the sasdemo account in BI/EBI projects

January 27 

Utilize SAS Audit Files to Keep Track of SAS Data Set Updates

October 31 

Validate the format of ICD-9 codes

September 28 

Variable selection in regression

March 10 November 1 

Voice Mining with Text Mining

February 4 

Waiting for LOCKed datasets.

May 24 

Web mining with SAS %TMFILTER macro

September 14 

Weighting in PROC CORR

June 5 

Where also

August 9 December 20 

Where is TEMP

March 6 

Would you like additional capabilities when exporting data to Excel?

September 8 

You can use Google to search for tips and articles

March 4 

--Don Henderson 21:42, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

That's pretty close, but I think it should include the year as well.

Also, one of the entries seems to create an error, %DPL-1.7.4 ... --JackHamilton 22:11, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Year is not used as we have 366 Tip of the Day pages for the 366 days of the year (including leap years). So once we get to 2010, we reuse those pages and scheule new tips. This was modeled after the Wikipedia Tip of the Day mechanism - partly so we could leverage all the work done there for scrolling, etc. The Wikipedia site stopped including the year in their process in early 2008. And the error you pointed out is one of the things that needs to be researched/tested. I am learning the template and dpl facilities (in my spare time) in order to support the site. And there are certain special characters that cause problems and trying to determine how to deal with such characters is on the list - but the list is long. --Don Henderson 22:31, 6 April 2009 (UTC)

Found and implemented a fix for the entry that produced the %DPL-1.7.4 ... error. The problem was the '=' sign in the page name. That is now fixed. Not sure what other special characters might be an issue. --Don Henderson 03:26, 21 April 2009 (UTC)

The page Tip in Use was created using DPL similar to the above. That page will replace the category page. This talk page will not be moved however. --Don Henderson 22:14, 24 April 2009 (UTC)