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Charles Schwab - Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics - San Francisco, CA

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Note: This employment opportunity has expired and is no longer available. It has been retained for historical interest only.
For current listings see Employment opportunities.

COMPANY:Charles Schwab

POSITION: Senior Manager, Advanced Analytics

LOCATION: San Francisco, CA

DESCRIPTION:Organization Objective/Purpose:

Advanced Analytics is a team within Schwab's Insight & Loyalty Organization that focuses on company-wide strategic decision support, client loyalty and behavior, advanced analytics, market research, reporting, and client & prospect data analysis. Our mission is to help Schwab compete on analytics – in particular, to serve our clients and cultivate their loyalty by understanding their needs and behavior - and make strategic decisions in a data-driven, fact-based, sophisticated manner. Our services are in heavy demand due to our reputation for accuracy, strong business insight, outstanding productivity, and attention to detail. Our work has high visibility throughout the company as our results help determine effectiveness and ROI of various programs, marketing efforts, and strategic business investments.

This group supports senior management across Schwab, including Investor Services (focused on the retail client), Advisor Services (focused on advisors and their clients), Corporate Services (focused on plan participants and sponsors), Marketing, Sales, Platform Services (including, Product Services, and Finance.

Brief Description of Role:

The candidate will partner with Directors and other analysts in our Advanced Analytics team, Data Engineers, as well as business decision makers across Schwab to deliver insights and solutions based on statistical and econometric analyses. Candidate will be comfortable conducting complex statistical modeling and analysis using SAS (including regression, ANOVA, design of experiments, cross-sectional and time series, segmentation, clustering, response modeling, data mining, and other approaches) for the purpose of forecasting, optimization, and insights.

Candidate should be able to clearly communicate technical results to increase our business partners’ understanding of the findings and confidence in our capabilities. Our business partners place great emphasis on our ability to translate statistical and mathematical results in way that tells a clear story and guides them in actionable decisions.


REQUIRED SKILLS: Technical/Functional Qualifications:

· MS or PhD in Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, Operations Research or related field with a strong interest in the business applications of modeling and analysis.

· 5+ years experience in an advanced analytics consulting role (consulting to external clients and/or internal business partners).

· Outstanding oral and written communication and interpersonal skills; skill & interest in communicating with senior levels of management; interest in collaboration and partnering with other Analysts.

· Clearly understanding, structuring and articulating the linkage between learning objectives, business decisions, business objectives, and analytical approaches & findings.

· Capable of building strong partnerships with key support teams, including data warehouse staff and analysts.

· Experience in the analysis of marketing and consumer insight problems, specifically to financial services, strongly preferred.

· 5+ years SAS (including macro programming) and SQL programming/data processing experience.

· Programming experience in multiple languages desired.

· Comfortable working in UNIX environment.

· Substantial experience in extracting and aggregating data from various data sources (e.g., Teradata)

· Strong skills in the manipulating, cleaning, and preparation of data for analysis using SAS.

· Able to conduct statistical and mathematical analyses using SAS and writing production level code to scale operations.

· Able to evaluate the validating, quality, and predictive ability of statistical models.

· Understand the strengths and limitations of statistical models in various settings.

· Experience and interest in data visualization, reporting, and tool building in order to scale operations and increase visibility to the data/results.



Web site: - Interested candidates should apply online