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First - the draft on good programming practices (GPP) is off to a great start!

As we have practiced GPP at our company for a number of years (we even developed a GPP check macro to check for compliance automatically), I thought I would add a few more items ffrom our do's and dont's lists:

1. Always use explicit dataset names for input and/outputs of datsteps and procs. [tracable, without dependancy on defaults] 2. Dont re-use a dataset as output after it's been used as input previouly [bad for tracabilty, auditing and validations] 3. Restore options and libnames (if changed in program) at the end of the program [so programs following are not affected] 4. Erase temporary / intermediate datasets at the end of the program [datasets clutter up and could interfere with other pgms] 5. Dont use %put ERROR: (or WARNING:) ..msg to log. Use %put ER%str(ROR)..msg instead [makes searching log easier]

Hope this helps,

John Adams