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Conference Leadership

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SAS Global Forum is the premier event for SAS professionals worldwide, offering unequaled educational and networking opportunities. The SAS Global Forum conference is planned and run by volunteers from the SAS Community who collaborate with SAS Institute to plan all aspects of the conference including content selection and delivery.

SAS Global User Group Executive Board

The membership of the SAS Global Users Group Executive Board is primarily made up of past SAS Global Forum conference chairs in addition to five SAS Institute employees. Together this group provides overall strategic planning for the SAS Global Forum conference, support and volunteer assistance, as well as selection of future conference chairs.

What is SAS Global Users Group and How do you get Involved?

The SAS Global Users Group presents the annual SAS Global Forum conference. There are no membership dues nor is there an official membership list - all are welcome at the annual conference. Learn more about this group of users and how you too can become involved with the group and with the conference.

With so many ways to become involved in the conference, there are also many ways to become a conference leader.

SAS Global Forum Conference Team Roles and Responsibilities

This document highlights the roles and responsibilities of conference leaders, and it highlights the large number of people who contribute to the success of SAS Global Forum each year, including contributions from:

  • SAS Global Users Group Executive Board
  • SAS Global Forum Conference Chairs
  • Content Advisory and Content Delivery Team Leads
  • Volunteers from the SAS community
  • SAS Institute

So would you like to be a SAS Global Forum Conference Chair?

This article discusses various aspects of being a SAS Global Forum Conference Chair. In it you will find commonly asked applicant questions, things to think about, and other information that will help you decide if you are interested in taking on this challenging and rewarding role. If you feel you are ready to apply to be the conference chair, information on the application process can be found here.

SAS Global Forum User Community Leadership Service Awards

The SAS Global User’s Group Executive Board would like to acknowledge the thousands of volunteer hours of service provided to SAS Global Forum by those who plan, coordinate and carryout the annual conference. Many of these conference leaders have provided this service for many years, and starting in 2016 the SASGUG EB has made the following recognition of their tireless efforts.

10 or more years of SAS Global Forum Leadership

  • Diana Suhr – 14 years (2018)
  • Pete Lund – 13 years (2018)
  • Maribeth Johnson – 12 years (2016)
  • Nancy Brucken – 12 years (2018)
  • Zul Habib - 10 years (2017)
  • Harry Droogendyk - 10 years (2018)
  • Mary Anne DePesquo – 10 years (2018)

5 or more years of SAS Global Forum Leadership

  • Sue Douglass – 9 years
  • Christianna Williams – 8 years
  • Stephanie Thompson – 7 years (2018)
  • Bob Bolen - 6 years (2018)
  • Besa Smith - 5 years (2017)