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Here are some tips for How to share your SAS knowledge with your professional network.

Connect Online/help

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Log in / Create ID now to:

  1. Edit1.jpg
    Click Edit profile on your user page. If you are logged in, click here -- or click user icon in top nav: Edit4.jpg

  2. Edit2.jpg
    Click the green My sasCommunity Profile button.

  3. Edit3.jpg
    Select Yes and then Update. Be sure to also fill out the rest of the profile. Enjoy!

Using the Connect List

  • The List is sorted high-to-low by Recent Activity
  • Name, City, State and Country column may be clicked to sort in ascending order
  • Use the search field to search for single or multiple keywords.
    • For example
      • search for Nancy to find Nancy in the list
      • search for Nancy Florida to find Nancy from Florida in the list
  • Click Clear to dislplay full list again

General Help

                            screen shot of login screen


Ask Questions

Login and click edit to ask a question here. Sign your name by clicking the signature button on the form edit bar. Watch this page by clicking the Watch tab above to know when the page is updated.


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