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Consultant's Corner

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Consultant's Corner is a blogspot for . . .

o Discussion
o Questions / Answers
o Tips & Insights
between peer SAS consultants, and potential SAS consultants.

You can list yourself as a consultant in "SAS Consulting" and hold discussion on consulting here.

Consultants can also post information at Category:Provider Registry

We especially thank the visionaries and creator(s) for the new wave of innovation. God speed and God bless.

Join the Consultant's Corner discussion on the opportunity of successful SAS consulting to benefit you and your clients.

Access informative articles in the Consultant Special Interest Group (SIG) by clicking 'Consultant SIG' link below...
To join the discussion, click the 'discussion' tab above to Talk:Consultant's Corner... or click on 'Go to my Consultant Blog now'
below, and then click either 'Discussion' (at the right of the screen) or 'Add New Blog Entry' to create your own blog entry.
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