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Here are some tips for How to share your SAS knowledge with your professional network.


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How to Contribute to the Sasopedia

The Sasopedia is a growing knowledge base of SAS-User-Contributed factual information, code and tips on using SAS software.

  • Contribute content to the Sasopedia by including a category tag:
    • For example, to add an article to the Excel category, add [[Category:Excel]] to the article.
    • To add your article to multiple categories within the Sasopedia, add Categories like this:

The easiest way to add your article to the Sasopedia is to click through this list of categories and subcategories listed below (to get an idea of the categories that already exist). Once you know the name(s) of the category, use this form. Type the name of your article in the form and click Create an Article.

How to Contribute a Tip of the Day

Become a Tipster!

Join the Tip of the Day project. . .

A technical tip related to SAS software is shown on the Main Page of every single day.

SAS users have submitted over 100 User Tips since the project started in 2009.

Anyone can participate. We hope you do! Here's how:

submit your own SAS tip
                            Submit your own SAS Tip on

If you are interested in becoming a Tipster but have questions or would like additional training, please feel free to email us.