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Could Enterprise Guide have been written in Java?

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While the title of this paper may suggest a controversial topic, the intention is to review the functionality of Enterprise Guide®, the Windows-based thin-client front-end for SAS®, which uses COM/DCOM or the IOM Bridge to communicate with SAS® Integration Technologies. It is, however, possible to develop Java applications, which use the IOM Bridge to Java to communicate with SAS Integration Technologies, that can be run on any Java-compatible platform.

Comparing examples of the functionality available through the IOM Bridge for Java with the functionality of Enterprise Guide, it is hoped that this will explain how a thin-client front-end for SAS could have been written in Java, but also why Enterprise Guide itself was written by SAS to run only on the Windows platform.

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This paper was included in my book Power User's Guide to SAS Programming published by in 2008.

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