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Create My Papers Page

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This page will walk you thru creating an index page for your papers and presentations. You can include papers and presentations from:

  • SAS Global Forum
  • Any Regional Group (insert list with links?)
  • Any Local Users Group
  • Your internal corporate group
  • Special interest groups (e.g., PharmaSUG)

See the example shown at right. Note that this is a live page (not an image).

You can also create articles for papers that you plan to submit for a future conference.

To add an item to your index page, all you need to do is to add the following category tag to any article:

[[Category: Papers and Presentations]]

If the text Papers and Presentations is red, don't worry. That just means you have not yet created the page. The Setup section below will walk you thru creating the category page.


Two pages need to be created. Use the links below to create those pages. Each link will open a new browser window.

  1. Create the index page for your Papers and Presentations. Add whatever overview text you would like displayed at the beginning. Then click the Save Page button. Do not, however, make any changes below the following line:

       <!-- Do not edit below this line: -->

    Create Papers and Presentations Index Page for ()

    Once done, you can close that browser window.

  2. Create the category page for your Papers and Presentations. Do not make any changes to the page. Just click the Save Page button. Once done, you can close that browser window.

    Create Papers and Presentations Category for ()

  3. Optionally, create the QR code for your Papers and Presentations page.

    Create QR Code for Papers and Presentations page for ()

  4. If you haven't already created a page for your paper on, please Create an Article for your User Group Presentation now.

Additional instructions can be found in the pdf: Building and Maintaining Author Indexes and Presentation Pages.


The benefits to authors who take advantage of the Author Paper and Presentation system of templates include:

  • Automatic generation of an Author Index page
  • Opportunity to systematically generate an article for each listed paper/presentation
  • For presentations made at multiple conferences, each conference can be listed
  • Papers not already stored on-line can be stored on sasCommunity
  • Additional supporting information that cannot be included in the traditional PDF can be stored on sasCommunity
    • PowerPoint presentations
    • supporting code and data
    • Graphics and pictures
  • Authors of presentations that are in development can
    • request feedback from readers
    • post abstracts for review prior to acceptance


For additional or personalized help please contact the Advisory Board