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Create an Article for your SAS Global Forum 2009 Presentation

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It's easy to create an article for your SAS Global Presentation on sasCommunity.

  • First, type an article name in the box at right. You might want to use the name of your presentaion for the article name.
  • Click Create your Presentation Page to load a template that you can edit.

  • Replace:
    • NNN with your assigned paper number (e.g., 201)
    • HYPERTEXT with the label you want for the link. Your paper title is a good choice.

Start adding content like:
  • Sample Data
  • Programs
  • Your PowerPoint Presentation
  • Links to related papers
  • and so on.
Right click Upload file (to open in a new window/tab) to upload any files you wish to make available. Be sure to keep track of the names you assign the uploaded files - using the year and paper number is a good rule to follow. Note that upload is also available in the toolbox on the left hand side of this page.

Also make sure to add any relevant category tags. Right click to open [Sasopedia] in a new window - it is a good place to check for what categories to use.