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Since our founding in 1998, DHSoft's mission has been to help organizations build stronger relationships with their customers through the use of Predictive Analytics and integrated Business Intelligence. DHSoft provides Business Intelligence solutions that help organizations make better decisions by identifying characteristics shared among their customers through Predictive Analytics.

By helping our clients to differentiate between more profitable and less profitable customers, we enable them to better focus their marketing dollars; which allows them to control risk and take actions to increase sales and profitability via

   * Customer Retention
   * Cross-Sell / Up-Sell
   * New Customer Acquisition
   * Customer Fraud

In order to accomplish this, we offer an end-to-end solution where together we work closely with your staff to:

   * Identify – We identify hidden trends that influence customers behavior related to retention, cross sell up sell and fraud.
   * Predict – We predict customers’ future behavior based on identified trends.
   * Influence – We implement marketing programs designed to reduce customer attrition and increase sales.
   * Measure – We provide the tools necessary to measure program effectiveness and data utilization to improve the process.

The bottom line for our clients is that a happy customer is a valuable customer. Working with DHSoft you will find a highly motivated, professional team that provides knowledge and experience to make every engagement successful. When you are ready to know your customers’ next move before they do, give us a call.