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Data Management and Reporting Made Easy with SAS Learning Edition

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by Sunil Gupta

(Useful for Enterprise Guide Users also!)

Now it's easy to manage data and create reports without writing any SAS code using SAS Learning Edition 2.0*! Step-by-step instructions and numerous examples show you how you can access the power of SAS by using the SAS Enterprise Guide point-and-click interface or by writing and modifying SAS code through the SAS Program Editor to produce simple and complex reports. Topics addressed include:

SAS Learning Edition 2.0 basics using decision tree tables to select analysis and reporting tasks preparing data and producing reports for distribution creating charts and graphs writing and modifying code to produce custom reports and graphs Business professionals and students seeking to develop quick, reliable output-without having to learn detailed syntax-will benefit from this nontechnical guide.

  • SAS Learning Edition 2.0 is licensed for use on one (1) workstation at a time, for self-training, non-production purposes only. Concurrent usage or use on a network is not authorized.

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