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Data Quality for Analytics -- Download Page

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Navigation: Overview --- Table of Contents --- Part I - Data Quality for Analytics Defined --- Part II - Profiling and Improvement --- Part III - Simulation Studies --- Download Page

DQFA Draft Cover01.jpg DQFA Kreislauf.jpg

Download of Presentations

Download Macros, Programs and Datasets

  • The macros, programs and datasets for the book "Data Quality for Analytics Using SAS" can be downloaded here.
  • Last Update, October, 10th, 2012
  • Instructions:
    • Download the ZIP File and unzip it to a folder of you choice.
      • For the following instructions it is assumed that you unzipped the content to the folder "DQFA_FOLDER".
      • You can choose any folder name, just replace your choosen name in the instructions below.
    • The file contains the following SAS macros that come with the book.
    • Either you open and run this file manually prior to every usage of the macros or you include it in your with the statement
      •  %INCLUDE 'c:\DQFA_FOLDER\';
    • The file contains the following macros.
      •  %COUNT_MV
      •  %MV_PROFILING
      •  %PROFILE_TS_MV
      •  %CHECK_TIMEID
      •  %TS_History_CHECK
    • Use the programs in the SAS-files (e.g., as you like in your program editor.
    • To run some of the examples you need to have the example datasets in your WORK library. You can put these dataset into your work library, for example, with the following statements:
      • Create a library _DQFA_ (you can use any other name) with the statement:
        • LIBNAME _DQFA_ 'c:\DQFA_FOLDER\Data';
      • Copy the files to the WORK library with the statements:
        • proc copy in=_DQFA_ out=WORK; run;
      • Note: if your SAS Session is using another default work-library than WORK, you must change the above code to include the respective library in the OUT= option.

Download the changes and enhancements documents

  • Download a document that contains those corrections that were detected after printing.
  • Last update October, 9th 2012

Download selected screenshots and diagrams

  • The following graphs from the book can be downloaded in a colored version.

DQFA Jmp Profiling.JPG DQFA OutliersInTimeSeriesAnalysis.jpg DQFA IndividualReferenceValule.jpg