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Submission Documentation Efficiently

Definedoc™ contains macros and interactive tools which automate the process of documenting your electronic submission datasets. It will generate your DEFINE.PDF and DEFINE.XML files with little extra efforts. Some of the features include:

  • Automatically capture all dataset and variable attributes (i.e. PROC CONTENTS) for SAS datasets being submitted.
  • Automated identification of key fields through sort order of datasets.
  • Decode all coded lists through a format catalog decoder algorithm.
  • Intelligent defaults of the origins of each variable by identifying matches to variables in source datasets and variables in analysis datasets.
  • User friendly spreadsheet editor for updates after automated variables are captured
  • Audit trail of edits and updates are made for change control of documentation.
  • Reports are generated for DEFINE.PDF and DEFINE.XML or in Excel or WORD format.

Desktop Screenshots

Definedoc screen1.jpg

Definedoc screen2.jpg

Definedoc screen3.jpg

Web Version Screenshots

Definedoc web screen1.jpg

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Suite of Tools

Define Doc is part of a suite of tools which can be implemented to provide data for your submission that is compliance to regulatory requirements. This automate the process and delivers data with greater accuracy and integrity


Video Tutorials

Published Papers related to Definedoc

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