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Designing a Grid Computing Architecture: A Case Study of Green Computing Implementation Using SAS®

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With the growing concerns about environmental impact of computing, it has become necessary to utilize the unused computing resources. It not only ensures efficiency and reduced carbon emissions but also leads to potential cost/time savings in organizations. Intense computing actions that work on huge data, generally take hours to compute which could be reduced to few seconds using grid computing. This paper is an attempt to understand the nature of grid computing and explore the relation between work load and optimum number of nodes required for grid implementation. This would act as guidelines to design an optimal grid for an application of a specific workload. It takes up the case of a computer lab and conducts a pilot study on utilization of computing resources by the students followed by implementation of grid computing using SAS. Paper also comes up with a Green Computing Strategy plan for the computer center (grid computing and SAS being a part of it).

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Green IT is a synonym to environmentally sound Information Technology. It includes multiple aspects like environmental sustainability, energy efficiency economics, cost of disposal/recycling etc. Broadly, there are two sides of Green IT; one dealing with IT being the cause of environmental problem and the other using IT/IS to solve the environmental problems. It captures the technical capability including choices related to applications, data, technological configurations etc as well as human/managerial capability including experiences, competencies etc of IT personnel.

You can also see the Grid Presentation.

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