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Did You Know That? Essential Hacks for Clever SAS Programmers

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Available in e-book format only to save the trees. Buy on Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

At last; the longest-running thread on the SAS-L listserv has been turned into a book! Author Michael A. Raithel has distilled his best tips from the listserv, updated them, and added dozens of others to create the ultimate book of SAS hacks.

This book is designed to help you to:

  • add more sophistication and utility to your SAS programs
  • increase the breadth and scope of your SAS programing techniques
  • save valuable programming time
  • gain better insights in your data
  • seamlessly perform operating system functions from within SAS
  • create more professional-looking reports for your clients
  • help you to become a top SAS programmer
  • …and more

This book has nine chapters of hacks broken into the basic areas they cover: DATA step, procedures, functions and call routines, macros, and so on. Within the chapters, each hack provides a self-contained explanation of a SAS tip, technique, or clever methodology you can immediately put to use. A comprehensive index facilitates quick look-up by pointing you directly to the hack that contains the associated SAS keyword. The short-but-potent nature of the hacks makes this book a great bedtime read, beach read, at the doctor’s or dentist's office read, on the subway or bus read, or an at the airport read.

Are you ready to raise the utility and function of your already clever SAS programs? Well, then start reading this book today!