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DocItOut: Publishing SAS® Code Documentation on the Web

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Choon-Chern Lim

Mayo Clinic

Rochester, MN


Documenting your SAS code is almost as important as writing the code. As software developers, we are gifted with great imaginations to solve complex problems. Since there are usually several possible ways to achieve the same end results, it is crucial to document our thoughts clearly in plain language to assist other developers (and ourselves) to better understand the implementations in the future. However, the biggest challenge is that we take a great deal of time to document our code, yet nobody seems to be able to find them. Most of us find it annoying to traverse directory after directory just to search for the documentation that is embedded deep in the code.

This paper introduces DocItOut, a free open source tool, which is specifically developed to traverse these messy directories and generate properly formatted web documentation in HTML format based on the comments and statements in the SAS code. The latest release of DocItOut can be downloaded from

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This paper was awarded Honorable Mention & People's Choice Award from SAS Global Forum 2008 [1]