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      • This page, and its nine relatives, are only temporary and created as signup sheets for

users to select items for which they will create pages. To select items simply edit this page and include your nickname or initials, adjacent to the item(s) you select, in the column labeled "Accepted by:"

Each item contains the subject, link and syntax to be included on the pages you create.

An example of a page can be copied from:

Accepted by: Hyperlink Item Type Syntax $UNCREw. Format $UNCREw. $UNCRw. Format $UNCRw. $UPARENEw. Format $UPARENEw. $UPARENw. Format $UPARENw. $UPCASEw. Format $UPCASEw. $UTF8Xw. Format $UTF8Xw. $VARYINGw. Format $VARYINGw.length-variable $VSLOGRw. Format $VSLOGRw. $VSLOGw. Format $VSLOGw. $w. Format $w. B8601DAw. Format B8601DAw. B8601DNw. Format B8601DNw. B8601DTw.d Format B8601DTw.d B8601DZw. Format B8601DZw. B8601LZw. Format B8601LZw. B8601TMw.d Format B8601TMw.d B8601TZw. Format B8601TZw. BESTDw.p Format BESTDw.p BESTw. Format BESTw. BINARYw. Format BINARYw. COMMAw.d Format COMMAw.d COMMAXw.d Format COMMAXw.d DATEAMPMw.d Format DATEAMPMw.d DATETIMEw.d Format DATETIMEw.d DATEw. Format DATEw. DAYw. Format DAYw. DDMMYYw. Format DDMMYYw. DDMMYYxw. Format DDMMYYxw. DOLLARw.d Format DOLLARw.d DOLLARXw.d Format DOLLARXw.d DOWNAMEw. Format DOWNAMEw. DTDATEw. Format DTDATEw. DTMONYYw. Format DTMONYYw. DTWKDATXw. Format DTWKDATXw. DTYEARw. Format DTYEARw. DTYYQCw. Format DTYYQCw. Dw.p Format Dw.p E8601DAw. Format E8601DAw. E8601DNw. Format E8601DNw. E8601DTw.d Format E8601DTw.d E8601DZw. Format E8601DZw. E8601LZw. Format E8601LZw. E8601TMw.d Format E8601TMw.d E8601TZw.d Format E8601TZw.d EURDFDDw. Format EURDFDDw. EURDFDEw. Format EURDFDEw. EURDFDNw. Format EURDFDNw. EURDFDTw.d Format EURDFDTw.d EURDFDWNw. Format EURDFDWNw. EURDFMNw. Format EURDFMNw. EURDFMYw. Format EURDFMYw. EURDFWDXw. Format EURDFWDXw. EURDFWKXw. Format EURDFWKXw. EURFRATSw.d Format EURFRATSw.d EURFRBEFw.d Format EURFRBEFw.d EURFRCHFw.d Format EURFRCHFw.d EURFRCZKw.d Format EURFRCZKw.d EURFRDEMw.d Format EURFRDEMw.d EURFRDKKw.d Format EURFRDKKw.d EURFRESPw.d Format EURFRESPw.d EURFRFIMw.d Format EURFRFIMw.d EURFRFRFw.d Format EURFRFRFw.d EURFRGBPw.d Format EURFRGBPw.d EURFRGRDw.d Format EURFRGRDw.d EURFRHUFw.d Format EURFRHUFw.d EURFRIEPw.d Format EURFRIEPw.d EURFRITLw.d Format EURFRITLw.d EURFRLUFw.d Format EURFRLUFw.d EURFRNLGw.d Format EURFRNLGw.d EURFRNOKw.d Format EURFRNOKw.d EURFRPLZw.d Format EURFRPLZw.d EURFRPTEw.d Format EURFRPTEw.d EURFRROLw.d Format EURFRROLw.d EURFRRURw.d Format EURFRRURw.d EURFRSEKw.d Format EURFRSEKw.d EURFRSITw.d Format EURFRSITw.d EURFRTRLw.d Format EURFRTRLw.d EURFRYUDw.d Format EURFRYUDw.d EUROw.d Format EUROw.d EUROXw.d Format EUROXw.d EURTOATSw.d Format EURTOATSw.d EURTOBEFw.d Format EURTOBEFw.d EURTOCHFw.d Format EURTOCHFw.d EURTOCZKw.d Format EURTOCZKw.d EURTODEMw.d Format EURTODEMw.d EURTODKKw.d Format EURTODKKw.d EURTOESPw.d Format EURTOESPw.d EURTOFIMw.d Format EURTOFIMw.d EURTOFRFw.d Format EURTOFRFw.d EURTOGBPw.d Format EURTOGBPw.d EURTOGRDw.d Format EURTOGRDw.d EURTOHUFw.d Format EURTOHUFw.d EURTOIEPw.d Format EURTOIEPw.d EURTOITLw.d Format EURTOITLw.d EURTOLUFw.d Format EURTOLUFw.d EURTONLGw.d Format EURTONLGw.d EURTONOKw.d Format EURTONOKw.d EURTOPLZw.d Format EURTOPLZw.d EURTOPTEw.d Format EURTOPTEw.d EURTOROLw.d Format EURTOROLw.d EURTORURw.d Format EURTORURw.d EURTOSEKw.d Format EURTOSEKw.d EURTOSITw.d Format EURTOSITw.d EURTOTRLw.d Format EURTOTRLw.d EURTOYUDw.d Format EURTOYUDw.d Ew. Format Ew. FLOATw.d Format FLOATw.d FRACTw. Format FRACTw. HDATEw. Format HDATEw. HEBDATEw. Format HEBDATEw. HEXw. Format HEXw. HEXw. (VMS) Format HEXw. HEXw. (Windows) Format HEXw. HHMMw.d Format HHMMw.d HOURw.d Format HOURw.d IBRw.d Format IBRw.d IBw.d Format IBw.d IBw.d (VMS) Format IBw.d IBw.d (Windows) Format IBw.d IEEEw.d Format IEEEw.d JULDAYw. Format JULDAYw. JULIANw. Format JULIANw. MDYAMPMw.d Format MDYAMPMw. MINGUOw. Format MINGUOw. MMDDYYw. Format MMDDYYw. MMDDYYxw. Format MMDDYYxw. MMSSw.d Format MMSSw.d MMYYw. Format MMYYw. MMYYxw. Format MMYYxw. MONNAMEw. Format MONNAMEw. MONTHw. Format MONTHw. MONYYw. Format MONYYw. NEGPARENw.d Format NEGPARENw.d NENGOw. Format NENGOw. NLBESTw. Format NLBESTw. NLDATEMDw. Format NLDATEMDw. NLDATEMNw. Format NLDATEMNw. NLDATEw. Format NLDATEw. NLDATEWNw. Format NLDATEWNw. NLDATEWw. Format NLDATEWw. NLDATEYMw. Format NLDATEYMw. NLDATEYQw. Format NLDATEYQw. NLDATEYRw. Format NLDATEYRw. NLDATEYWw. Format NLDATEYWw. NLDATMAPw. Format NLDATMAPw. NLDATMDTw. Format NLDATMDTw. NLDATMMDw. Format NLDATMMDw. NLDATMMNw. Format NLDATMMNw. NLDATMTMw. Format NLDATMTMw. NLDATMw. Format NLDATMw. NLDATMWNw. Format NLDATMWNw. NLDATMWw. Format NLDATMWw. NLDATMYMw. Format NLDATMYMw. NLDATMYQw. Format NLDATMYQw. NLDATMYRw. Format NLDATMYRw. NLDATMYWw. Format NLDATMYWw. NLMNIAEDw.d Format NLMNIAEDw.d NLMNIAUDw.d Format NLMNIAUDw.d NLMNIBGNw.d Format NLMNIBGNw.d NLMNIBRLw.d Format NLMNIBRLw.d NLMNICADw.d Format NLMNICADw.d NLMNICHFw.d Format NLMNICHFw.d NLMNICNYw.d Format NLMNICNYw.d NLMNICZKw.d Format NLMNICZKw.d NLMNIDKKw.d Format NLMNIDKKw.d NLMNIEEKw.d Format NLMNIEEKw.d NLMNIEGPw.d Format NLMNIEGPw.d NLMNIEURw.d Format NLMNIEURw.d NLMNIGBPw.d Format NLMNIGBPw.d NLMNIHKDw.d Format NLMNIHKDw.d NLMNIHRKw.d Format NLMNIHRKw.d NLMNIHUFw.d Format NLMNIHUFw.d NLMNIIDRw.d Format NLMNIIDRw.d NLMNIILSw.d Format NLMNIILSw.d NLMNIINRw.d Format NLMNIINRw.d NLMNIJPYw.d Format NLMNIJPYw.d NLMNIKRWw.d Format NLMNIKRWw.d NLMNILTLw.d Format NLMNILTLw.d NLMNILVLw.d Format NLMNILVLw.d NLMNIMOPw.d Format NLMNIMOPw.d NLMNIMXNw.d Format NLMNIMXNw.d NLMNIMYRw.d Format NLMNIMYRw.d NLMNINOKw.d Format NLMNINOKw.d NLMNINZDw.d Format NLMNINZDw.d NLMNIPLNw.d Format NLMNIPLNw.d NLMNIROLw.d Format NLMNIROLw.d NLMNIRUBw.d Format NLMNIRUBw.d NLMNISEKw.d Format NLMNISEKw.d NLMNISGDw.d Format NLMNISGDw.d NLMNISITw.d Format NLMNISITw.d NLMNISKKw.d Format NLMNISKKw.d NLMNITHBw.d Format NLMNITHBw.d NLMNITRYw.d Format NLMNITRYw.d NLMNITWDw.d Format NLMNITWDw.d NLMNIUSDw.d Format NLMNIUSDw.d NLMNIZARw.d Format NLMNIZARw.d NLMNLAEDx.d Format NLMNLAEDw.d NLMNLAUDw.d Format NLMNLAUDw.d NLMNLBGNw.d Format NLMNLBGNw.d NLMNLBRLw.d Format NLMNLBRLw.d NLMNLCADw.d Format NLMNLCADw.d NLMNLCHFw.d Format NLMNLCHFw.d NLMNLCNYw.d Format NLMNLCNYw.d NLMNLCZKw.d Format NLMNLCZKw.d NLMNLDKKw.d Format NLMNLDKKw.d NLMNLEEKw.d Format NLMNLEEKw.d NLMNLEGPw.d Format NLMNLEGPw.d NLMNLEURw.d Format NLMNLEURw.d NLMNLGBPw.d Format NLMNLGBPw.d NLMNLHKDw.d Format NLMNLHKDw.d NLMNLHRKw.d Format NLMNLHRKw.d NLMNLHUFw.d Format NLMNLHUFw.d NLMNLIDRw.d Format NLMNLIDRw.d NLMNLILSw.d Format NLMNLILSw.d NLMNLINRw.d Format NLMNLINRw.d NLMNLJPYw.d Format NLMNLJPYw.d NLMNLKRWw.d Format NLMNLKRWw.d NLMNLLTLw.d Format NLMNLLTLw.d NLMNLLVLw.d Format NLMNLLVLw.d NLMNLMOPw.d Format NLMNLMOPw.d NLMNLMXNw.d Format NLMNLMXNw.d NLMNLMYRw.d Format NLMNLMYRw.d NLMNLNOKw.d Format NLMNLNOKw.d NLMNLNZDw.d Format NLMNLNZDw.d NLMNLPLNw.d Format NLMNLPLNw.d NLMNLROLw.d Format NLMNLROLw.d NLMNLRUBw.d Format NLMNLRUBw.d NLMNLSEKw.d Format NLMNLSEKw.d NLMNLSGDw.d Format NLMNLSGDw.d NLMNLSITw.d Format NLMNLSITw.d NLMNLSKKw.d Format NLMNLSKKw.d NLMNLTHBw.d Format NLMNLTHBw.d NLMNLTRYw.d Format NLMNLTRYw.d NLMNLTWDw.d Format NLMNLTWDw.d NLMNLUSDw.d Format NLMNLUSDw.d NLMNLZARw.d Format NLMNLZARw.d NLMNYIw.d Format NLMNYIw.d NLMNYw.d Format NLMNYw.d NLNUMIw.d Format NLNUMIw.d NLNUMw.d Format NLNUMw.d NLPCTIw.d Format NLPCTIw.d NLPCTNw.d Format NLPCTNw.d NLPCTPw.d Format NLPCTPw.d NLPCTw.d Format NLPCTw.d NLPVALUEw.d Format NLPVALUEw.d NLSTRMONw.d Format NLSTRMONw.d NLSTRQTRw.d Format NLSTRQTRw.d NLSTRWKw.d Format NLSTRWKw.d NLTIMAPw. Format NLTIMAPw. NLTIMEw. Format NLTIMEw. NUMXw.d Format NUMXw.d OCTALw. Format OCTALw. PDJULGw. Format PDJULGw. PDJULIw. Format PDJULIw. PDw.d Format PDw.d PDw.d (VMS) Format PDw.d PDw.d (Windows) Format PDw.d PERCENTNw.d Format PERCENTNw.d PERCENTw.d Format PERCENTw.d PIBRw.d Format PIBRw.d PIBw.d Format PIBw.d PIBw.d (VMS) Format PIBw.d PIBw.d (Windows) Format PIBw.d PKw.d Format PKw.d PVALUEw.d Format PVALUEw.d QTRRw. Format QTRRw. QTRw. Format QTRw. RBw.d Format RBw.d RBw.d (VMS) Format RBw.d RBw.d (Windows) Format RBw.d ROMANw. Format ROMANw. S370FFw.d Format S370FFw.d S370FIBUw.d Format S370FIBUw.d S370FIBw.d Format S370FIBw.d S370FPDUw.d Format S370FPDUw.d S370FPDw.d Format S370FPDw.d S370FPIBw.d Format S370FPIBw.d S370FRBw.d Format S370FRBw.d S370FZDLw.d Format S370FZDLw.d S370FZDSw.d Format S370FZDSw.d S370FZDTw.d Format S370FZDTw.d S370FZDUw.d Format S370FZDUw.d S370FZDw.d Format S370FZDw.d SIZEKBw.d Format SIZEKBw.d SIZEKMGw.d Format SIZEKMGw.d SIZEKw.d Format SIZEKw.d SSNw. Format SSNw. TIMEAMPMw.d Format TIMEAMPMw.d TIMEw.d Format TIMEw.d TODw.d Format TODw.d UICw. Format UICw. VAXRBw.d Format VAXRBw.d VMSMSGw. Format VMSMSGw. VMSTIMEF. Format VMSTIMEF. VMSZNw.d Format VMSZNw.d w.d Format w.d WEEKDATEw. Format WEEKDATEw. WEEKDATXw. Format WEEKDATXw. WEEKDAYw. Format WEEKDAYw. WEEKUw. Format WEEKUw. WEEKUw. Format WEEKUw. WEEKVw. Format WEEKVw. WEEKVw. Format WEEKVw. WEEKWw. Format WEEKWw. WEEKWw. Format WEEKWw. WORDDATEw. Format WORDDATEw. WORDDATXw. Format WORDDATXw. WORDFw. Format WORDFw. WORDSw. Format WORDSw. YEARw. Format YEARw. YENw.d Format YENw.d YYMMDDw. Format YYMMDDw. YYMMDDxw. Format YYMMDDxw. YYMMw. Format YYMMw. YYMMxw. Format YYMMxw. YYMONw. Format YYMONw. YYQRw. Format YYQRw. YYQRxw. Format YYQRxw. YYQw. Format YYQw. YYQxw. Format YYQxw. YYWEEKUw. Format YYWEEKUw. YYWEEKVw. Format YYWEEKVw. YYWEEKWw. Format YYWEEKWw. ZDw.d Format ZDw.d ZDw.d (Windows) Format ZDw.d Zw.d Format Zw.d

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