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      • This page, and its nine relatives, are only temporary and created as signup sheets for

users to select items for which they will create pages. To select items simply edit this page and include your nickname or initials, adjacent to the item(s) you select, in the column labeled "Accepted by:"

Each item contains the subject, link and syntax to be included on the pages you create.

An example of a page can be copied from:

Accepted by: Hyperlink Item Type Syntax KCOMPARE Function KCOMPARE(source,< pos, < count,> > findstr) KCOMPRESS Function KCOMPRESS(source,< characters-to-remove > ) KCOUNT Function KCOUNT(source) KCVT Function KCVT(text, intype, outtype, < options,…> ) KINDEX Function KINDEX(source, excerpt) KINDEXC Function KINDEXC(source,excerpt-1 <,… excerpt-n > ) KLEFT Function KLEFT(argument) KLENGTH Function KLENGTH(argument) KLOWCASE Function KLOWCASE(argument) KPROPCASE Function str=KPROPCASE(< instr > , (<options> )) KPROPCHAR Function str=KPROPCHAR(< instr > ) KPROPDATA Function str=KPROPDATA(< instr > (<option, input encode name, output encode name> )) KREVERSE Function KREVERSE(argument) KRIGHT Function KRIGHT(argument) KSCAN Function KSCAN(argument,n <, delimiters > ) KSTRCAT Function KSTRCAT(argument-1argument-2 <, … argument-n> ) KSUBSTR Function KSUBSTR(argument,position <,n > ) KSUBSTRB Function KSUBSTRB(argument,position <,n > ) KTRANSLATE Function KTRANSLATE(source,to-1,from-1 <,…to-n,from-n > ) KTRANSLATE (z/OS) Function KTRANSLATE(sourceto-1from-1<>) KTRIM Function KTRIM(argument) KTRUNCATE Function KTRUNCATE(argumentnumberlength) KUPCASE Function KUPCASE(argument) KUPDATE Function KUPDATE(argument,position,n <, characters-to-replace > ) KUPDATE(argument,position <,n > ,characters-to-replace) KUPDATEB Function KUPDATEB(argument,position,n <,characters-to-replace > ) KUPDATEB(argument,position <, n > ,characters-to-replace) KURTOSIS Function KURTOSIS(argument-1,argument-2,argument-3,argument-4 <,…,argument-n > ) KVERIFY Function KVERIFY(source,excerpt-1 <,…excerpt-n > ) LAG Function LAG < n > (argument) LARGEST Function LARGEST(kvalue-1 <, value-2 ...> ) LBOUND Function LBOUND < n > (array-nameLBOUND(array-name,bound-n) LCM Function LCM(x1, x2, x3, …, xn) LCOMB Function LCOMB(n,r) LEFT Function LEFT(argument) LENGTH Function LENGTH(string) LENGTHC Function LENGTHC(string) LENGTHM Function LENGTHM(string) LENGTHN Function LENGTHN(string) LEXCOMB Function LEXCOMB(countkvariable-1, …, variable-n) LEXCOMBI Function LEXCOMBI(nkindex-1, …, k) LEXPERK Function LEXPERK(countkvariable-1, …, variable-n) LEXPERM Function LEXPERM(countvariable-1 <, …, variable-N > ) LFACT Function LFACT(n) LGAMMA Function LGAMMA(argument) LIBNAME Function LIBNAME(libref <,SAS-library <,engine <,options > > >) LIBNAME (VMS) Function LIBNAME('libref'<,'SAS-library'<,engine <,options > >> ) LIBNAME (Windows) Function LIBNAME(libref<,SAS-data-library<,engine<,options>>>) LIBREF Function LIBREF(libref) LIBREF (VMS) Function LIBREF('libref') LOG Function LOG(argument) LOG10 Function LOG10(argument) LOG1PX Function LOG1PX(x) LOG2 Function LOG2(argument) LOG4SAS_APPENDER Function LOG4SAS_APPENDER("name", "FileRefAppender", 'options') LOG4SAS_LOGEVENT Function Log4SAS_logevent(namelevelmessage) LOG4SAS_LOGGER Function LOG4SAS_LOGGER("name", <"options"> ) LOGBETA Function LOGBETA(a,b) LOGCDF Function LOGCDF('dist',quantile < ,parm-1,...,parm-k > ) LOGPDF Function LOGPDF('dist',quantile,parm-1,...,parm-k) LOGSDF Function LOGSDF('dist',quantile,parm-1,...,parm-k) LOWCASE Function LOWCASE(argument) LPERM Function LPERM(n <,r > ) LPNORM Function LPNORM(pvalue-1 <,value-2 … > ) MAD Function MAD(value-1 <, value-2... > ) MARGRCLPRC Function MARGRCLPRC(XtXsigma1sigma2rho12) MARGRPTPRC Function MARGRPTPRC(XtXsigma1sigma2rho12) MAX Function MAX(argument-1,argument-2 <,...argument-n > ) MCIPISLP (Windows) Function MCIPISLP(number-of-seconds) MCIPISTR (Windows) Function MCIPISTR(MCI-string-command) MD5 Function MD5(string) MDY Function MDY(month,day,year) MEAN Function MEAN(argument-1 <,...argument-n > ) MEDIAN Function MEDIAN(value1 <, value2, ... > ) MIN Function MIN(argument-1,argument-2 <,...argument-n > ) MINUTE Function MINUTE(time | datetime) MISSING Function MISSING(numeric-expression | character-expression) MOD Function MOD(argument-1, argument-2) MODEXIST Function MODEXIST('product-name') MODEXIST (UNIX) Function MODEXIST '(product-name' | 'pathname' MODULE (VMS) Function CALL MODULE(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2...,arg-n);num=MODULEN(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2...,arg-n);char=MODULEC(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2...,arg-n);CALL MODULEI < cntl > ,modulearg-1,arg-2...,arg-n);num=MODULEIN(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2...,arg-n)char=MODULEIC(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2...,arg-n); MODULE (Windows) Function CALL MODULE(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2. . . ,arg-n); num=MODULEN(< cntl > ,module,arg-1,arg-2…,arg-n); char=MODULEC(< cntl > ,module,arg-1…,arg-2,arg-n); CALL MODULEI < cntl > ,modulearg-1,arg-2. . . ,arg-n); num=MODULEIN(< cntl >,module,arg-1,arg-2. . .,arg-nchar=MODULEIC(< cntl> ,module,arg-1,arg-2. . .,arg-n); MODULEC Function MODULEC(< cntl-string,> module-name <,argument-1, ..., argument-n > ) MODULEN Function MODULEN(< cntl-string,> module-name <,argument-1, ..., argument-n > ) MODZ Function MODZ(argument-1argument-2) MONTH Function MONTH(date) MOPEN Function MOPEN(directory-id,member-name < ,open-mode<,record-length <,record-format > > > ) MOPEN (UNIX) Function MOPEN(directory-id,member-name<,open-mode<,record-length<,record-format>>>) MOPEN (VMS) Function MOPEN(directory-id,member-name <,open-mode<,record-length <,record-format > > > ) MOPEN (z/OS) Function MOPEN(directory-id,member-name <,open-mode<,record-length <,record-format > > > ) MORT Function MORT(a,p,r,n) MSPLINT Function MSPLINT(XnX <, X, …, X > , Y <,Y, …, Y > <, DD >) N Function N(argument-1 <,...argument-n > ) NETPV Function NETPV(r,freq,c0,c1,...,cn) NLDATE Function NLDATE(date,descriptor) NLDATM Function NLDATM(datetime,descriptor) NLITERAL Function NLITERAL(string) NLTIME Function NLTIME(time|datetime,descriptor,startpos) NMISS Function NMISS(argument-1 <,...argument-n > ) NODENAME Function NODENAME() NOTALNUM Function NOTALNUM(string <,start > ) NOTALPHA Function NOTALPHA(string <,start > ) NOTCNTRL Function NOTCNTRL(string <,start > ) NOTDIGIT Function NOTDIGIT(string <,start > ) NOTE Function NOTE(data-set-id) NOTFIRST Function NOTFIRST(string <,start > ) NOTGRAPH Function NOTGRAPH(string <,start > ) NOTLOWER Function NOTLOWER(string <,start > ) NOTNAME Function NOTNAME(string <,start > ) NOTPRINT Function NOTPRINT(string <,start > ) NOTPUNCT Function NOTPUNCT(string <,start > ) NOTSPACE Function NOTSPACE(string <,start > ) NOTUPPER Function NOTUPPER(string <,start > ) NOTXDIGIT Function NOTXDIGIT(string <,start > ) NPV Function NPV(r,freq,c0,c1,...,cn) NVALID Function NVALID(string < ,validvarname > ) NWKDOM Function NWKDOM(nweekdaymonthyear) OPEN Function OPEN(< data-set-name <,mode < ,generation-number,type > > > > ) ORDINAL Function ORDINAL(k,argument-1,argument-2 <,...argument-n >),_Informats,_and_Formats OS2HELP Function OS2HELP(h,p1,p2 ) PATHNAME Function PATHNAME((fileref libref) <,search-ref > ) PATHNAME (UNIX) Function PATHNAME((fileref | libref) < ,search-ref > ) PATHNAME (VMS) Function PATHNAME('fileref '|'libref'< search-ref > ) PATHNAME (z/OS) Function PATHNAME((fileref | libref) <,search-level > ) PCTL Function PCTL < n > (percentagevalue1 <, value2, ... > ) PDF Function PDF(dist,quantile < ,parm-1, ... ,parm-k > ) PEEK Function PEEK(address <,length > ),_Informats,_and_Formats PEEK16 (Windows) Function PEEK16(addr,<len> ),_Informats,_and_Formats PEEK16C (Windows) Function PEEK16C(addr,<len> ) PEEKC Function PEEKC(address <,length > ) PEEKCLONG Function PEEKCLONG(address <,length > ) PEEKCLONG (z/OS) Function PEEKCLONG(address <,length > ) PEEKLONG Function PEEKLONG(address <,length > ) PEEKLONG (UNIX) Function PEEKCLONG(address,length);PEEKLONG(address,length); PEEKLONG (VMS) Function PEEKCLONG(address,length);PEEKLONG(address,length); PEEKLONG (Windows) Function PEEKLONG(address <,length)> PEEKLONG (z/OS) Function PEEKLONG(address <,length > ) PERM Function PERM(n <,r > ) POINT Function POINT(data-set-id,note-id) POISSON Function POISSON(m,n) PROBBETA Function PROBBETA(x,a,b) PROBBNML Function PROBBNML(p,n,m) PROBBNRM Function PROBBNRM(x, y, r) PROBCHI Function PROBCHI(x,df <,nc > ) PROBF Function PROBF(x,ndf,ddf <,nc> ) PROBGAM Function PROBGAM(x,a) PROBHYPR Function PROBHYPR(N,K,n,x <,r > ) PROBIT Function PROBIT(p) PROBMC Function PROBMC(distribution, q, prob, df, nparms <,parameters > ) PROBNEGB Function PROBNEGB(p,n,m) PROBNORM Function PROBNORM(x) PROBT Function PROBT(x,df <,nc > ) PROPCASE Function PROPCASE(argument <,delimiters > ) PRXCHANGE Function PRXCHANGE(perl-regular-expression | regular-expression-idtimessource) PRXMATCH Function PRXMATCH(regular-expression-id | perl-regular-expressionsource) PRXPAREN Function PRXPAREN(regular-expression-id) PRXPARSE Function regular-expression-id=PRXPARSE(perl-regular-expression) PRXPOSN Function PRXPOSN(regular-expression-idcapture-buffer,source) PTRLONGADD Function PTRLONGADD(pointer <,amount > ) PUT Function PUT(sourceformat.) PUTC Function PUTC(sourceformat.<,w > ) PUTLOG Function PUTLOG(logical-name,value) PUTN Function PUTN(sourceformat.<,w <,d > > ) PUTSYM Function PUTSYM(symbol-name,value,scope) PVP Function PVP(A,c,n,K,k,y) QTR Function QTR(date) QUANTILE Function QUANTILE(dist, probability, parm-1,…,parm-k) QUOTE Function QUOTE(argument) RANBIN Function RANBIN(seed,n,p) RANCAU Function RANCAU(seed) RAND Function RAND(distparm-1,…,parm-k) RANEXP Function RANEXP(seed) RANGAM Function RANGAM(seed,a) RANGE Function RANGE(argument-1 <,...argument-n > ) RANK Function RANK(x) RANK (UNIX) Function RANK(x) RANK (VMS) Function RANK(x) RANK (Windows) Function RANK(x) RANNOR Function RANNOR(seed) RANPOI Function RANPOI(seed,m) RANTBL Function RANTBL(seed,p1 ,… p… ,p) RANTRI Function RANTRI(seed,h) RANUNI Function RANUNI(seed) RENAME Function RENAME(old-name, new-name <, type <, description<, password <, generation > > > > ) RENAME (VMS) Function RENAME(old-name,new-name) REPEAT Function REPEAT(argument,n) RESOLVE Function RESOLVE(argument) RESOLVE Function RESOLVE(argument) REVERSE Function REVERSE(argument) REWIND Function REWIND(data-set-id) RIGHT Function RIGHT(argument) RLINK SCL Function rc=RLINK('server-ID' ); RMS Function RMS(argument <,argument,…> ) ROUND Function ROUND(argument <,rounding-unit > ) ROUNDE Function ROUNDE(argument <,rounding-unit > ) ROUNDZ Function ROUNDZ(argument <,rounding-unit > ) RSESSION SCL Function cval =RSESSION(n ); RSTITLE SCL Function sysrc =RSTITLE(session-ID, description ); SAVING Function SAVING(f,p,r,n) SCAN Function SCAN(stringcount <,charlist <,modifiers > > ) SDF Function SDF(dist, quantile, parm-1,...,parm-k) SECOND Function SECOND(time | datetime) SETTERM Function SETTERM(characteristic-name,new-value) SIGN Function SIGN(argument) SIN Function SIN(argument) SINH Function SINH(argument) SKEWNESS Function SKEWNESS(argument-1,argument-2,argument-3<,...argument-n > ) SLEEP Function SLEEP(n <, unit > ) SLEEP (Windows) Function SLEEP(n<,unit>) SMALLEST Function SMALLEST(kvalue-1 <, value-2 ...> ) SORTKEY Function sortKey(string, <locale, strength, case, numeric, order>) SOUNDEX Function SOUNDEX(argument) SPEDIS Function SPEDIS(query,keyword) SQRT Function SQRT(argument) STD Function STD(argument-1,argument-2 <,...argument-n > ) STDERR Function STDERR(argument-1,argument-2 <,...argument-n > ) STFIPS Function STFIPS(postal-code) STNAME Function STNAME(postal-code) STNAMEL Function STNAMEL(postal-code) STRIP Function STRIP(string) SUBPAD Function SUBPAD(stringposition <, length > ) SUBSTR (left of =) Function SUBSTR(variable, position <,length > )=characters-to-replace SUBSTR (right of =) Function variable=> SUBSTR(string, position <,length > ) SUBSTRN Function SUBSTRN(stringposition <, length > ) SUM Function SUM(argument, argument, ...) SUMABS Function SUMABS(value-1 <,value-2 ... > ) SYMEXIST Function SYMEXIST (argument) SYMEXIST Function SYMEXIST(argument) SYMGET Function SYMGET(argument) SYMGET Function SYMGET(argument) SYMGETN Function SCL-variable ='''SYMGETN ('macro-variable'); SYMGLOBL Function SYMGLOBL ('''argument''') SYMGLOBL Function SYMGLOBL (argument) SYMLOCAL Function SYMLOCAL(argument) SYMLOCAL Function SYMLOCAL (argument) SYSGET Function SYSGET(operating-environment-variable) SYSGET (UNIX) Function SYSGET('environment-variable') SYSGET (VMS) Function SYSGET("operating-environment-variable") SYSGET (z/OS) Function SYSGET(operating-environment-variable) SYSMSG Function SYSMSG() SYSPARM Function SYSPARM() SYSPROCESSID Function SYSPROCESSID() SYSPROCESSNAME Function SYSPROCESSNAME(< process_id > ) SYSPROD Function SYSPROD(product-name) SYSRC Function SYSRC() SYSTEM Function SYSTEM(command) SYSTEM (z/OS) Function SYSTEM(command) TAN Function TAN(argument) TANH Function TANH(argument) TERMIN Function TERMIN(prompt) TERMOUT Function TERMOUT(output) TIME Function TIME() TIMEPART Function TIMEPART(datetime) TINV Function TINV(p,df < ,nc > ) TNONCT Function TNONCT(x,df,prob) TODAY Function TODAY() TRANSLATE Function TRANSLATE(source,to-1,from-1 <,…to-n,from-n > ) TRANSLATE (UNIX) Function TRANSLATE(source,to-1,from-1 <,…to-n,from-n > ) TRANSLATE (VMS) Function TRANSLATE(source,to-1,from-1 <,…to-n,from-n > ) TRANSLATE (Windows) Function TRANSLATE(source,to-1,from-1 <,…to-n, from-n > ) TRANSLATE (z/OS) Function TRANSLATE(sourceto-1from-1, <... to-nfrom-n > ) TRANSTRN Function TRANSTRN(source,target,replacement) TRANTAB Function TRANTAB(string,trantab_name) TRANWRD Function TRANWRD(source,target,replacement) TRIGAMMA Function TRIGAMMA(argument) TRIM Function TRIM(argument) TRIMN Function TRIMN(argument) TRUNC Function TRUNC(number,length) TSO (z/OS) Function TSO(command) TTCLOSE (VMS) Function TTCLOSE(channel) TTCONTRL (VMS) Function TTCONTRL(control-specification,channel) TTOPEN (VMS) Function TTOPEN(control-specification,channel) TTREAD (VMS) Function TTREAD(channel,buffer,< size > ) TTWRITE (VMS) Function TTWRITE(channel,buffer,< size > ) UNICODE Function STR=UNICODE(< instr > (,<Unicode type> )) UNICODEC Function STR=UNICODEC(< instr > (,<Unicode type> )) UNICODELEN Function UNICODELEN() UNICODEWIDTH Function UNICODEWIDTH() UPCASE Function UPCASE(argument) URLDECODE Function URLDECODE(argument) URLENCODE Function URLENCODE(argument) USS Function USS(argument-1 <,...argument-n > ) UUIDGEN Function UUIDGEN(< max-warnings <,binary-result > > ) VAR Function VAR(argument-1,argument-2 <,...argument-n > ) VARFMT Function VARFMT(data-set-id,var-num) VARINFMT Function VARINFMT(data-set-id,var-num) VARLABEL Function VARLABEL(data-set-id,var-num) VARLEN Function VARLEN(data-set-id,var-num) VARNAME Function VARNAME(data-set-id,var-num) VARNUM Function VARNUM(data-set-id,var-name) VARRAY Function VARRAY(name) VARRAYX Function VARRAYX(expression) VARTRANSCODE Function VARTRANSCODE(data-set-idvar-num) VARTYPE Function VARTYPE(data-set-id,var-num) VERIFY Function VERIFY(source,excerpt-1 <, …, excerpt-n > ) VFORMAT Function VFORMAT(var) VFORMATD Function VFORMATD(var) VFORMATDX Function VFORMATDX(expression) VFORMATN Function VFORMATN(var) VFORMATNX Function VFORMATNX(expression) VFORMATW Function VFORMATW(var) VFORMATWX Function VFORMATWX(expression) VFORMATX Function VFORMATX(expression) VINARRAY Function VINARRAY(var) VINARRAYX Function VINARRAYX(expression) VINFORMAT Function VINFORMAT(var) VINFORMATD Function VINFORMATD(var) VINFORMATDX Function VINFORMATDX(expression) VINFORMATN Function VINFORMATN(var) VINFORMATNX Function VINFORMATNX(expression) VINFORMATW Function VINFORMATW(var) VINFORMATWX Function VINFORMATWX(expression) VINFORMATX Function VINFORMATX(expression) VLABEL Function VLABEL(var) VLABELX Function VLABELX(expression) VLENGTH Function VLENGTH(var) VLENGTHX Function VLENGTHX(expression) VMS Function VMS(DCL-command) VNAME Function VNAME(var) VNAMEX Function VNAMEX(expression) VTRANSCODE Function VTRANSCODE (var) VTRANSCODEX Function VTRANSCODEX (var) VTYPE Function VTYPE(var) VTYPEX Function VTYPEX(expression) VVALUE Function VVALUE(var)

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