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Doing More with the Display Manager: From Editor to ViewTable – Options and Tools You Should Know

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If you have used the interactive interface for SAS® you have most likely used the Display Manager. As it ships, the Display Manager is very powerful and yet fairly easy to use with a minimal learning curve for the new user. Because it is functional ‘right out of the box’, most users do very little to customize the interface. This is a shame, because the Display Manager contains a great many hidden opportunities to make it even more powerful, even easier to use, and customized for your way of using the interface.

The Display Manager builds a variety of windows, screens, and dialogue boxes to facilitate communication between SAS, the Operating System, and the user. For each of the five primary windows and extending to the dozens of secondary windows there are options that control the content, display, and level of interaction. Options have defaults and a majority of these can be easily changed to suite your needs.

You think that you know the Display Manager, but you will be amazed at what you have yet to learn. From simple tricks that will save you hours of work, to embedding tools and macros in the Enhanced Editor; there is so very much more that we can do in the Display Manager.

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