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dsread is a free Windows command-line utility program from Oceanview Consultancy Ltd for working with datasets in the SAS7BDAT format, as used by The SAS System, the World Programming System and others.

It lets users list the summary details, contents (i.e., variable list) and data for SAS7BDAT files:

sashelp>dsread m*
Name              Vars   Obs  Label
MANAGE               7    12
MDASSOC             21     9
MDBMSG               6   666
MRRGSTRY             6     5
sashelp>dsread /c manage

Contents of dataset MANAGE
Name          Type  Len  Format        Label
PROJECT       Char   60
TITLE         Char   60
DESCRIPT      Char   60
FILE          Char   60
KEYWORDS      Char   60
LOCATION      Char   60
TYPE          Char   25
sashelp>dsread /v manage
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Steve,"190x285 8-bit CMAP, 86 colormap entries",tf1111,Super systems developer joker,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,John,"190x285 8-bit CMAP, 100 colormap entries",tf1234,male genius programmer,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Medical History,"627x818 8-bit CMAP, 16 colormap entries",gffkscan,medical patient,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Stuart,"253x381 8-bit CMAP, 128 colormap entries",gfjjons,male programmer manager,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Jones signature,"284x74 8-bit CMAP, 32 colormap entries",gfjjonss,signature jones male,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Ron,"253x381 8-bit CMAP, 128 colormap entries",gfjsmit,male programmer,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Smith signature,"280x65 8-bit CMAP, 32 colormap entries",gfjsmits,signature smith male,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Children,"414x639 8-bit CMAP, 128 colormap entries",gfkids,child,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Linda,"253x381 8-bit CMAP, 128 colormap entries",gfssmit,female manager,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Medical history,"627x818 8-bit CMAP, 16 colormap entries",gft0,medical patient,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Sarah,"191x314 8-bit CMAP, 128 colormap entries",tf1122,female developer,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG
IMAGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT,Text - or color,"155x37 8-bit CMAP, 2 colormap entries",gftext9,text color,sashelp.imagapp,CATALOG

Version 2.5 of dsread was released in January 2014. It reads datasets from a wide range of platforms including 32- and 64-bit Windows and 32- and 64-bit versions of most Unixes. Datasets compressed using CHAR or BINARY compression are handled correctly. Although written for Windows, it can be run under Wine on Linux.