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EOM Data

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Name Change

As of October 1st, 2007 the company name has changed to EOM Data Solutions

New company logo


Ever since it was established in the Netherlands in 1998, EOM Data has been mainly involved in projects in which SAS software has played a major role. Due to this specialization we have great knowledge of the various SAS products and solutions, which enables us to properly use the various products in varying situations. We strive to make as much use of standard SAS products and solutions or elements within the SAS products and solutions and to minimize customization, thereby making sure your software investments are optimally leveraged.


We provide consultancy and implementation services for SAS projects in the Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence area.
And as such we are familiar with the common Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence concepts.

Different Approach

What differentiates us from most other companies in this market is our End User focus. Where many Data Warehousing projects initiate in the technical arena, we prefer the approach where the "business" initiates, the actual End User. We look at the actual requirements as opposed to looking at technical capabilities. In this approach we encourage and help the user to think about what is really needed to make (business) decisions and realize this in short, controllable cycles.

A presentation (in Dutch) - given during the SAS Forum NL 2007 - about this topic is available at his location on our website.


Innovation is one of the main drivers for EOM. We develop concepts and applications to help our customers create a good and controllable data warehouse. Examples of this are the Business Rules engine and the Decision Table engine (both links are to pages in Dutch) that allow central control and maintenance of business logic and can be used by standard SAS components like DI Studio, BI Server but also in SAS Base.

NOTE: Please also visit our homepage (in Dutch)